Friday, June 21, 2013

Tides in White Rock

This shot looks nice framed.

As the tide goes in and out, it makes these little pools of warm water
which are nice to sit in on chairs and refresh yourself while watching your small children play
They love to splash around in these small bodies of water and there are always little things to find
under water to entertain them. Sorta like having a small swimming pool without investing on one.
Here it looks like rivers meeting up into a big body of water.

I got up early today and as I am on the internet the TV is playing and as I glance up it seems to be
a show on the paranormal.
These people sure know how to scare themselves into believing things lol

But shit happens like the time I was sitting writing a letter
explaining a funeral taking place on the other side of a wall.
There were wailers, clangers and bangers, chasing evil away from the dead person,
cause it was a Chinese funeral
so I wrote the word devil and just as I was writing it, the ceiling lamp exploded with such ferocity
and glass flew across the room to my feet.
Sure made a believer out of me lol

All my life I never liked anything around my neck and wondered how men could wear ties.
Even turtle necks bother me.
So I always thought that if there are things such as past lives, I was probably a person who was hung
and this is why in this life, I fight so much for childrens' causes and goodness.
How the two connect, I don't know.

As I write this, the paranormal show finishes and my Favorite Anthony Bourdain comes on exploring
New York, specifically Queens which has become the Asian quarter.
Now the Chinese love pigs feet and head cheese.
I remember seeing feet sold in stores and we'd buy them and boil them till the the skin comes off the bones.
with bay leaves. They we'd chop the meat up and cover it with the broth from the feet.
Sometimes we'd add unflavored gelatin sometimes not. When the bowls cool off we put them into the fridge and we get head cheese. I would eat a bowl at a time
Head cheese is delicious with mustard, vinegar and on rye bread.
You can't stop with just one slice.
In Flushing, NY he stopped at a Gneshi temple. where vegetarian food is served. He had rice noodles
and seeing I can grind rice into flour with my coffee grinder, I know making these noodles at home is not a far fetched idea. Try even making pancakes from this flour covered with some spicy masala prepared before hand

Gosh makes me want to visit New York. lol I loved the art museum when I was there and having tea at the Woldorf Astoria and walking by the building where Mrs Kennedy lived. Of course the statue of liberty is such a treat to see for a foreigner. Gives you a good feeling .
Does Mick Jagger live in Staten Island??? Who knew hunh!

Then he went into the Koren sector where octopus was slowly cooking in a wok over a hot fire sorta like a hot pot.  and fried seafood pancakes. I don't think I could eat that or watch it suffer like that. but apparently it's already dead.
Then they eat again, this squiggly octopus, cut in pieces, which is still alive.( but dead). sea snails crab claws mussels. They sell crab with roe which you will never get here in BC, unless you are a bear or eagle, because it's against the law.
Now doesn't seem fair does it. Why is everything so much more abundant on the east coast and not on the west?
Brooklyn is full of Cantonese people and dim sung is special because you sit at a table with people you don't know for breakfast . The place is full. Here you try duck feet and steamed food like Tripe. Dough is made from rice flour and deep fried with pork stuffing , shrimp mmmm.

Then he showed a place where tortillas are made by machines. They make so many and so fast in one shot.
Just unbelievable. I guess Mexican food is just so popular they can't keep up with the tortillas. I really love this show. I could watch this guy all day. How he eats so much and stays thin I don;t know. Probably cause to get to these places he goes to, he does a lot of walking.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Bronx is where you find Italians Domincans and Africans
Here you find loyal Yankee fans and the best ribs, bbq chicken, macaroni and cheese, beef heart and bone marrow
People burp and fart all together and everyone is happy. 

They have butchers which cut meat put stuffing into one piece and sew another piece on top of the stuffing. Definitely a different way of cooking

 In Brooklyn they have a butcher which buys local meat. They believe the fresher the meat the better so it comes in from basically your neighbors' farm.
Now this is the right way to do things.

 Who is the wise guy who said bigger is better? They strip locals of jobs
that should be theirs and control in communities where it belongs. Imagine something going wrong at the main warehouse, and no one gets meat in the whole state/country.
No , staying local is better.

New York, no wonder they call it the Big Apple.
 With such a variety of people, it's the true heart of America.

Before even leaving the comfort of my bed on which I sit cause I have my computer here, I had my morning coffee and a full days worth, of food for thought.
Should give me a few things to think about as to what to make for lunch.
I put on the oxtail soup on last night for today and glad I did cause the weather is cold damp and wet today and certainly a kinda soup day.
Should I try grinding rice into flour? Hmmm
I know this gluten free recipe from ground rice flour for pan cakes.
It uses 3 eggs, 1/2 cup milk, 1 tbs vegetable oil,1/2 tsp salt and one cup rice flour.
After beating all the ingredients together without lumps you put it into the fridge for an hour or overnight
Then you heat your griddle on med heat with oil and drop large spoonfuls of batter into it and make your pancakes.

Well, I'll figure it out.
( I made them and they turned out great!!)
Have a good day !!!


Gattina said...

I remember that in South Germany pig feet is part of normal meals. It's served together with Sauerkraut.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

As I sit here at my desk with nothing to eat...I wished that I could join you and have a delightful meal and some conversation.

I miss having cable only because of the food channel. I used to watch it with such passion and then go out and buy all the spices.

Then I'd come home and stack them in the pantry and order out. I felt as though I'd used them one day. Lol

Sounds like you had a very eventful day and are living a happy, full and blissful like.

It's the only way to LIVE! Life is truly a treasure to behold and I wish more people would see it that way!

Love you!

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - yes in germany pigs feet are popular.Here in Canada they were very cheap to buy but not today if you can find them. We used to buy chicken feet too and my Mom would peel them and make soup. Today you don't see many chicken feet sold.
Maybe in Chinese stores.

A Lady's Life said...

Butterfly - It's nice to have info about places to live in or visit. It's nice to live in a country where you can go and taste different cuisines and flavors. Many of these recipes were secrets. Today everything is on the net and people are truly enriched by it. I never thought about making my own flour out of rice and beans and corn and now I do.Instead of buying flour buy wheat and make your own flour in the amount you need and add to it what you need.