Thursday, June 6, 2013

Miss World

We will not see this in the Miss World Competition this year held in an Islamic country.
They knew it was part of the program before applying to hold it there but I guess with ulterior motives.

They are offended they say, by nakedness and yet multiply in hoards not caring about world famine
or population explosion.

They go to free countries which separate church and state and yet their religion is not separated from the state of these countries which claim to separate religion from the state.
How is that?
We have helmet laws but not for Sikhs. Quebec is fighting this issue in soccer today as we did and failed.
We find it harder to find beans in lard, I know because I love beans with lard and have to instead buy beans in molasses.

If we have separation of church and state, then we should have separation of Islam and state too.
Yet this is not happening.

A little discrimination???? I'd say so. I'd say a lot.

We may not like everything we see going on in our free countries but we respect it and it is offensive to say we don't
We are shown no respect as guests in muslim countries however and this Miss World Pageant is one such thing where a woman is measured by mind , body and soul.

Now it will be by saree. lol



Gattina said...

That's just what the politicians want, create hatred between different believes. I don't care in what country a beauty contest takes place. Beauty is beauty (although the girls today are not really beauties) and had nothing to do with religions ! If a muslim girl wants to show her body to the whole world why not ? The pope probably doesn't approve either ! It's man who say that it's not allowed but they still look with owl huge eyes, lol ! Such hypocrites !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - that is exactly right.
Books were written by man not God.
So they are just stories and people should not become fanatics over them.
There is more than one way to live.

Beauty pageants explore many aspects of a woman.It shows that you can be beautiful and also intelligent.
In a mans world, they only view a woman in terms of a sexual toy.

This is why Islam is viewed as a ridiculous lie when people believe in the words of an evil man than in common sense and goodness.