Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pizza Bashing

Well this is a little different way of making a pizza but it sure looks delicious.

I never have patience for making rising dough. On the video, She says it doesn't take much time but I think it does.

I like making dough with baking soda. and I never have bread flour.
and I like adding pizza sauce which many don't do anymore.

Today I thought \I'd make one with hamburger meat onions garlic green pepper and tomato but when I came
across this video it sure caught my eye. She fries everything before putting it on the pizza

Wouldn't mind trying it.

What I noticed was when she mixed the yeast with the sugar it didn't rise like my \mom's used to.
I would have called it dead yeast and I threw a whole batch away cause |I thought it was dead.
|My Mom's yeast used to over flow from the cup it was soo good and today it hardly
changes in the cup and then , in the video, she added olive oil to the cup as well.

Things sure have changed since my Mom's time but I still prefer my \mom's way of rising yeast to this one.
Her stuff always came out superb using normal flour.

This all looks fake to me. Even the yeast is not normal and they charge you so much more for it.

Have to ask questions.
I think people do need to ask questions as to what the heck they are eating today.
Simple things like yeast and you can't trust it.



George said...

I agree with you -- Mom's way of cooking and baking sure tasted better than what we have today. We try to eat well, but it's sometimes hard to know what some of the ingredients actually are.

A Lady's Life said...

George - so true.
I first have complaints with the chicken flavor and now I am complaining about the yeast. I thought it was something I did.Maybe bought old yeast.It's expensive so I would not be very happy but now I see
people are doing it with the same kind of results I had and its fine.
So I still made my dough with baking soda and added the cheese into it and topped it with left over veggies I had and fried hamburger and I also added tomato sauce with seasonings.
So now I am waiting to see what disaster I made. lol