Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I'm A Learning Man

I love this shot of the train tracks and tide coming in.
One day I will take the train through BC.
It should be a wonderful ride through beautiful mystical landscape

I'm a learned man 
I get bullied when I can
I have closet kits and zits
And really close shaved har (hair)

I run in the wrong gangs
I guzzle rum in bars
If intellect is scarce
Just come in my den of drugs.

Your mind will explode high
Your eyes will fall inside
And droolin.....
 Is never a surprise
Cause when the crankin starts
You'll feel it in your guts and
Ride it out in potty holes outside

I'm a Learned Man
Thinkin when I can
Have no time cause doin nothin's rough
I guzzle beer in cans
And kiss girls after Sandy Man 
By showin them a tatooin
 Good time.

If you need intellect
Here volcanoes rupt , 
From vents of piercin holes, never knew I had.
And when I need to snort
I cough and then cavort
With all the Disney graduates I find.

They Call me Learned Man
I do what I can
To help, this sorry, pissin land
I know it's all out there
Wrote it in my underwear.
So if you need me .........
I am here to vote 
A Lady's Life

A Bit more of Verbal throw up. lol
Inspired by the new psychological thrillers
we watch today.
But hey, to have ideas to make such movies,
expecting no  bad side effects from people
who are already depressed, is a little unrealistic.
They can't self censor. Not many people can.
Artists say this is art and this is what people like to see.
This is what attracts them and people can differentiate
entertainment from real life. But can they, when your system
is on over load. It just desensitizes you to evil.
It becomes a part of life, a part of hell.

One would think that "crazy" is not something we
want to play with but parents lose so many children
who use other peoples' ADD drugs and no one comes back from
those drugs.
We teach them in schools and yet they are not old enough to understand.
Do all kids need drugs, as much as they are pushed on them today?
Have they no say in the matter?

So why push kids to grow up so fast and why do adults not understand
that it's not all about them. You don't do what you want to do, in front of children.

Parents behave in such bad, self serving ways, setting such bad role models to follow
 that the only way you can stop a kid, from doing bad things
is to say to him, your Father or your Mother, will be put in jail for what YOU do.

It seems that's the only thing that will make a kid stop to actually think
about the consequences of his actions.
Seems a kid still has a soul compared to the adult who is now hard core,

If something is not good for a kid, it's not good for an adult.
That's why children are gifts, to keep you grounded.

Sandy =  the sand man, when people sleep.

Not much hope when crazy goes to vote either
Yesterday I watched a documentary of foreign doctors
who went to work in Africa to places like Senegal and Kenya.
They work in very bad conditions, doing what they can to help,
 taking care of very serious
human health issues. They help many but many also die.

They speak of God forgetting Africa but you can't have everything.
As you move forward, some things are lost to make room for new
and better ways to live. That's not to mean one should forget.
Then after you save a person, another comes and kills him
in the name of God.

And what about the rest of the world living in better conditions
fighting over religion/ culture, instead of working together, as a country
moving forward to guide people to live happy and peaceful lives?
Do we elect governments and leaders to lead us to death?
So much waste of energy, money, health.....
fighting over things that don't matter.

As spiritual beings, we don't understand that we cannot escape God.
He enters us all. Every time a parent loves kisses cherishes cries over, a child,
This is God. When you show charity, compassion, mercy.... this is God.

but God can be used by evil when you invite bad spirits to enter your body and soul
like through drugs, watching bad movies, violence, alcohol, bad religion,political  dogma,.... things
 which open doors to painful things,  taking over.
bullets, bombs, chemicals,stones, nuclear energy, poison......

Trick is to know what true love is and this can only be taught by the true God.
Those fighting in the name of God should think about that.
Those fighting against God should also think about that


♥ vendy ♥ said...

great words dear

★ Vendy ★
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A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Vendy

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

You are so right. Parents aren't much of a role model these days. When I look back on my life, it was a rippling effect. My mom was a teenage mom, as was I, and my daughter followed also. My sisters and I didn't have a role model but today, I'm continuously teaching and preaching to my nieces, nephews and granddaughters about sex, drugs, jail and God.
I truly believed if we replace the I with God, listen to him and put in first in our decision making, the little time we have left on earth would be more enjoyable and less disheartening.

Love you!

A Lady's Life said...

Butterfly when I was raising my first born it was amazing how many places hated kids People just wanted
to do things they wanted to do and as adults we had to watch it even if we didnt like it. But if kids were there
we could say this is improper behavior in front of children.With the second I was less sensitive but we went to places where kids were
loved but even then parents would come to soccer fields with booze hidden in paper bags or they hide away to have a joint.
Now why can't they just come to enjoy the game?