Monday, June 24, 2013

Habemus Papum

No big moon last night because of the clouds.
So I missed out on taking a wonderful Moon Picture.

Had trouble sleeping last night . 
Usually we have trouble emptying a mind and yesterday I had a need to fill it
but it wouldn't fill. lol I was unable to obtain food for thought. 
It's all the same things over and over and over again.
So it kept me up and this is a ridiculous reason not to fall asleep.

 Today I watched Habemus Papum
A story about a man who was elected Pope but in all good conscience, could not lead.
He said he was a man, who needed to be led.
He was a man so humble, kind , sweet and soo sad.

Well the Pope is led and he would have made a good Pope, as a Pope, who is led by God,
who is in turn, followed by the people.

So where are the answers to this leadership question?
Who shall lead?

Who is best qualified to lead nations and religions?

 Those qualified are never elected nor do they run to govern.

When it comes to God, there are no elections. There is no buying or selling of votes.
There are no discussions, organizations, faculties.....
There is no financial gain or spurts of glory or special privileges or fear.
God crosses boundaries, nations, worlds.....

You believe and follow him because you understand it is the right thing to do and that only this way,
 could man ever live enlightened and free and in peace.

 This is the teaching of the right religion
no matter what name it is under.

It is funny because when you think about God and his power and glory, you feel dizzy
because you know you are not even close to being in the running either for or against him.
It's all irrelevant.

Man is really nothing in comparison to the planet and the planet is nothing in comparison to the universe and beyond.

So who are we fighting really? Ourselves?
And who are we that makes us so important?
Do we really expect to find answers amongst ourselves or try to look into the beyond
to see if they lie out there?

It really is the right question to ask when standing on a street corner just watching the people go by.

Who are we that makes us so important?

We are important to only ourselves because we live in this body we have to defend from harm and from this
results the messy world we live in but the people who need the defence, are the innocent,
 who are deprived of it.
They are deprived of it because man has placed value and faith into things and into each other, 
rather than into humbleness, education and mans' internal spirit, things living inside this body
we wear.
People fall in love with the body. Hurt the body, and they move on to another.
Not many look into the person behind the eyes, where God is supposed to live.
Sometimes he is overshadowed by evil spirits which find their way inside.

So everything we do, is for nothing if all we are tingled and excited by is violence, deviance, trickery,
proving of oneself to be more than what we really are... just babes in the woods.

In the face of "CREATION" we don't exist and it makes no difference at all if we do.
Fighting and killing ourselves resolves nothing and speaks for nothing.

We are on a path designated to us by God. If we follow this path, we will learn and grow and stay alive.
If we deviate, we will be standing on cliffs of self destruction and there will be no one to blame and no one to save us, no matter how much money we spend.

I liked this movie Habemus Papum because this was a man who would have been worth following because he understood life, its' delicacy and its' promise and God.
He looked at people and somehow felt it would be too difficult to save them.
How could he represent actors, people who do not know who they are, any more than he did.
What would he ask of God for these people, who act and believe in the act they live in, rather than the 
cold truth.As he walked through streets he saw cruelty and goodness and found
 it impossible to represent both.
On another front I still have emails from people about the to Spank or not to Spank blog.
One man wrote that he was spanked and it affected his whole life, his self esteem, his feeling of worthless ness.
So he said it's my opinion but he doesn't agree with it.

I say yes, it is my opinion and it is an opinion, that took me a great while to arrive at.

Spanked children become better people. I say spanked, not beaten or abused.
Some kids never get spanked but sit in dark closets and grow up with issues.
Or get verbally abused and grow with a feeling of worthless ness.

Once in a while, if a child needs a spank, he should get one or be given a decision to make between a spank or grounding.

The blogger speaks of loss of self esteem, says he has sense of worthlessness.
I see many kids today growing up, unspanked, feeling worthless,living meaningless lives, in broken homes, with no self esteem. 
We have kids today, committing suicide because they have no inner strength to fight bullies.
We have
parents fighting in schools and with governments, to make more bullying laws, who do not understand that they are not preparing kids to survive in the ugly and bullying world they have to live in. We are all bullied every day on city streets, in our jobs, by our municipalities, by our utility companies, by our banks, by our newspapers governed by advertising rather than truth.
We work and have to cry for our salaries. Companies leave showing no sense of loyalty to country.
Even to get a cup of coffee or a screw in a store, you can face discrimination by a person who says he doesn't need your business because you are not the same race color or speak the same language.
 If you can't survive in school, how are you ever to survive in life?

Every child that grows up in a home, where he is spanked, learns early in life, to have survival skills.
He learns to accept the word NO.
 He begins to develop ideas, power of reason, accountability, responsibility, politeness, sense of self, and compassion for others who are spanked and to teach others who are spanked why they are spanked.
When living in a society where it is normal to spank, people grow stronger. 
They become fighters, survivors.

These are not people who roll over and play dead unless it is to survive.
They do not spend time sniveling, crying to politicians and lawyers and judges feeling sorry for themselves.
They look for answers to help themselves.

They build their muscles, so if someone spanks them they feel nothing and use the other persons power so he hurts himself.
 Spanking like putting a green soldier into battle and he sees his friends' head blown off.
Of feeble mind, he could go insane or be killed but with  strength of character, he will understand right away, that man...... I gotta fight and get outta here. 
Seeing his friend, is like getting a spank, a smack of reality across the head, putting him into action to survive because at that moment, this is the right thing to do. No! He will not die today. He will live.

Spanking is a good thing. I lived in a world where kids were all spanked and we all grew up into good hard working, family people as opposed to those who were not. 
They lived not knowing which direction to take, totally lost and they made more kids who were like the parents, growing to believe in social welfare instead of fighting for themselves.
 Of course there are always the good kids who do nothing, to ever deserve a spank.

Most kids do because they don't take no for an answer and in life, you have to learn to take the word no and to follow orders or end up destroying everyone around because of your obstinacy.One Mother believes they grow out of it without spanking. Sure some do, many others don't. A spanking could stop a child from hanging around kids who will give him marijuana laced with something that will kill him. It could stop a child from sneaking out of the house at night. It could stop a child from getting pregnant or meeting a pedophile.A spank could make a child understand not to put their body into harms way. Since children have short attention spans. It helps them remember there are just some things you do not do.

You can't run a business if you give an order to do something and it gets ignored but a paycheck still has to be issued. A spanked child follows orders while the unspanked one thinks ok, when I have time. I have to 
text my friends first.

Now society stepped into the lives of families, took matters in its' own hands, destroys our kids and we have nothing to say about it.
Are the kids better off? No. Society forces drugs on them now. The drugs cause irreversible changes in brain
The kids look for answers in tattooes, drugs,  alcohol, sex,  verbal abuse, except now, it's the police that beat them for disrespect, it's communities who say no, you can't work here because you are untrust worthy and we can't build enough prisons to keep them in, so we change the laws and say ok, you win, crime is ok. 
It doesn't matter.
It's the good people who have to learn how to live now.
So it's the good people who now get hurt and have nothing to say about it.

We have a good Prime Minister but he will lose the next election for standing by doing the right thing,
by a guy who says look, everything is ok.

Now why would people elect him? 
While they are free to self destruct, he and his caucus is free to make themselves rich.
With more and more people to feed and less and less taxes collected, 
society breaks down, as it did in Greece.

Kids don't take no for an answer and give orders rather than take them,
having no experience or education or even laws to back them up with. 
They are given the right to vote without understanding what it is they are voting for or who this person running really and truly is. Does he know anything about politics or business or life?
Respect , honor,  rights are obtained by showing people you are worthy through good morals and values.
Not today.

Today they have Human Rights. People hide behind them saying we don't need to prove anything.
We are human, so you need to respect, honor and give us rights to be.

Sure.... but not in my house. What's even funnier is that scientists are saying we are not humans but hybrids of humans. Something between Neanderthal  and God.

So today, to be an honorable man, is short of committing suicide because
of the dishonorable ways laws, justice, politics and man prevails upon those who are enlightened to lead for
enrichment of the mind and spirit and thus life.

Human Rights, means nothing, when the people who stand behind them, are the people doing the most inhumane things of all, the most harm, because they feel they are owed and can do what ever they want.

Life is a gift, but no one said it was going to be easy.
Every year we live, it gets harder to survive even for those who know how.

There is a lot of evil out there and nothing is as it should be.
Look in South America where money is printed and people are rich using fake money and yet the country and people are poor. Look at Europe where they elect dishonorable men into honorable positions.
It will run it's course but in the end, every house built on rotten foundations falls.

We will, in the end, have choices to either raise our own children right, even if it means to spank them or leave it to others who will dictate, beat, imprison and enslave us all, because we don't.
 History always tends to repeat itself.

One way or another, it's always left up to the people, because it's irrelevant to God.

He's been there and he's done that and he lives while the rest of us keep dying,
 over and over and over again.

Next to the Lakers winning the Cup, Tonight the Hawks Beat Boston!!!

Wow!! What a series.!!!



♥ vendy ♥ said...

hi dear...happy day

The simple life of rich people blog

A Lady's Life said...

Thank you Vendy

Betsy Brock said...

I didn't get any pictures of the moon either. I can't believe the luck some had with lovely big orange balls in the sky! Geesh! ha. :) I just had clouds and a few peaks of the moon, which was plain and white!

A Lady's Life said...

Betsy I tried today too but we have rain and clouds most of the time.

It was shocking to have so much moon light in our room all of a sudden. It must have really been bright.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

"We are on a path designated to us by God. If we follow this path, we will learn and grow and stay alive.
If we deviate, we will be standing on cliffs of self destruction and there will be no one to blame and no one to save us, no matter how much money we spend."

LOVE that!

Love you too!

A Lady's Life said...

Butterfly - it only stands to reason .
People like to blame God for their misfortunes They ask where is he?
Well he is there as always.
Thing is if he helps he's no good and if he doesn't help he's no good.
Since man is not perfect, he can't take sides as we believe he will.
All he can do is give us the basic laws to follow and tell us to figure it out for ourselves.
This is why religious wars are ridiculous specially the ones fought today by fanatics.
God does not reward violence to obtain peace. God stands for freedom, compassion, love. That's it.