Sunday, October 11, 2015

Movie Review - The Return

The Return is another foreign movie. Think I've seen it before on TV.
My son tells me that it seems there is not one movie I did not see. lol
I tell him that is why I am so smart lol

This movie is a psychological thriller.
It is about two boys who come home one day to find that their estranged Dad
returned. The Mom is nervous and tells them they have to go fishing with their Dad
 for a week.
The Dad takes them on a journey. He is not much of a talker and gives a lot of orders
and demands respect. The boys see this as threatening behavior
and begin to fear him.
A test of wills begins early.
Seems the Dad has problems seeing life through a childs' mind but he
also wants to teach them things.
He wants to be a Dad, something that just
doesn't happen overnight.
Anyway, unfortunately it doesn't work out for the Dad.
The kids did learn valuable lessons and there are secrets which are left
undisclosed in the movie which stayed with the Dad.
Intriguing movie by Andrei Tarkovsky and Roman Polansky.
I liked it.

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