Sunday, October 25, 2015

City of Angels

My Angel City is growing .
I should find them some flowers and ribbons. --
Religion is again under attack.
 The Pope asks for changes to be made and the conservatives again voted for very little. When God has to change his values to those of the devil.... well this means the church is dying. If the church values die there will be no reason to believe in God. He will have no mandate to direct, instruct people or play as a role model to promote truth and justice if he has nothing to teach. If there is no truth in the words of God, then a watered down religion is no religion at all. Life has ebbs and flows and what today may be popular, a more mature society, might see fads to be exactly what they are, fads, and not truth as it really and truly is. Granted society is full of so many different people on different planes of growth but the aim is to grow and not stagnate society to believe that this way is right and the other is wrong especially when the right way, Gods' way, is the true way. Today the fads are showing their teeth and becoming more fascist with their ideas than the church is. and this can be seen with Germaine Greer below.

Germaine Greer, a champion of human rights for women, is being asked many questions these days. She is being called a fascist by the gay lesbian organization on her comments on trans women, who she does not believe in. Truth hurts and the gay/lesbian organization is showing its' teeth and its' fascism as opposed to Germaine Greer. No one it seems, can disagree with them. They are afraid of the truth. I remember way back when, when feminists equated married women to prostitutes because they do the same thing as prostitutes do. They are supported by husbands and have sex. I was offended saying there is a lot of difference. You needs sex sanctified by God so it stays beautiful and meaningful. Sex is not just sex.
People like me never tried to stop her from airing her right to speak as the gay/lesbian people are trying to do today. Her voice matters. Sex is not a reason to change oneself.
To have sex is important in life for obvious reasons, but when sex becomes an obsession and a need far greater than life and living, then it becomes a sickness.

 Another example we can use is " breasts" and breast feeding. Breasts are a normal part of a female anatomy and men in other societies see them as such and they don't bother them. In our society breasts have become a symbol of sex and lust.
There is so much money being made today on breasts that it's become a sickness. Of course one cannot say it is because people get offended but I don't see animals getting excited over breasts when they have to do what they have to do. lol it goes by smell and whether or not a female is ready for it at certain times of the year.
The animal female is not sexually abused every day. A male does not need sex every day as it is being explained to humans every day. So the topic of sex is distorted and lied about and this can't be discussed today, as sex could not be discussed openly a few years back.

 So most of the changes which take place today are fads. But truth is what lies in the beginnings of the church which was also abused by people steering it to reasons for war. The church is supposed to keep doors open for people who grow up and come to understand of their own volition, that they speak the truth. It is to guide people, into becoming better people. Politics does not make better people because it is about power, manipulation and lies. A good government seeks votes through truth and justice a bad government gets votes for power through manipulation and lies and appealing to vices hurting people.

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