Monday, October 5, 2015

Cheerful Glances

Oh how they cheer one, glancing at you with their colorful display
of golden yellow.
I have 5 heads in one pot but I am not sure if they will have time to mature
My friends have taken their tomato plants and flowers inside but I think mine
can stay outdoors till the end of October.
They only just began to produce.

The hibiscus is flowering big time as well and I just can't believe it.

I made three angels and  began a fourth one. Keeps me busy for a while.
I crochet making a head and neck and then a torso which I stuff. Then I make the
hair and then I do the skirt which is attached to the bottom and then another
doily forms the wings.
 She then stands beautiful , blessing your home with her goodness.
I suppose she can be used as a tree top but she does not have a light.
 All she would need is spray starch.

The weather has held on, being warm and wet. Umbrellas are covering outdoor chairs
and I suppose they will soon have to be covered in plastic for the winter months.

We are waiting to vote. Will be interesting to see who wins.

Life is moving along at a steady pace. One keeps looking over ones' shoulder to
see if the big one will hit BC any time soon.
They found out that apart from the fact the polar ice cap is melting from above,
heat is coming up from below, which has nothing to do with anything man does.

One of my son's friends has a missing Dad who went hiking up to Cypress and
after missing 12 days the search was called off. They say he must be dead since
 the weather up there is much colder.
Many hikers get lost up there but most are found. One needs a GPS or something
so it can send a signal.

October is a birthday month for many in my family
I wish every one a Happy Birthday.
Let love encompass your heart so you see life through the eyes of the beholder.
in its' raw enchantment.
Have a good one.

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