Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Bellas' Life

Bella continues to be the love of our lives.

She is full of love and loves to rough house with my son.
 She has everything planned out.
Walkies with Dad, Food with Mom and arguments with Tanya.
She is good for Tanya in that she forces her to accept the world
does not revolve around her.
Tanya argues back like hell it doesn't lol

Bella finally decided the toys have to move over and maybe
should be her next play things.
She is a big talker and demands attention.

Even without kids, toys are nice to look at strewn around the house.
Makes you remember about how life was with kids running around.
Now the dogs are the kids. lol
But even for my son, its nice to see his old things Even though
he doesn't say anything,it makes him feel like home.

The summer was full with changing of the rotten back stairs and getting rid
of and trimming trees damaged by the wind storm we had.
One tree has a top of 6 feet bent 90 degrees but its not broken and the
workers were not able to get it down. It would require a hydro crew
with a bucket on a hydraulic lift to get that baby down or wait till it falls
by itself maybe hurting someone. The problem is that it is hanging on the
neighbors' side and he is not happy.
The city really should come and do it since it doesn't allow trees to be cut.
If it wasn't for the wind storm, we would not be allowed to do
even the job we did, do to clean up the mess.

With the elections coming up , attention is being paid to crime.
Abbotsford is trying to shut down the marijuana shops.

I don't understand people. We buy drugs from pharmacies from
licensed professionals and here shops are allowed to sell drugs.
Like.......... who are these people and by what right do they profess
to know what is good for society ?

We have one woman running in White Rock who says marijuana is safe
for kids. She says in fact , women who took it while pregnant have smarter kids.
Are we making excuses again to breed irresponsibility?

I remember one kid smoking in a dry park being told he was under age.
He was being told to not smoke there because he could set the park on fire.
His response was f off. If my Mother doesn't care, what business is it of yours?
People say don't tell me what to do but when the shit hits the fan,
 these same parents blame society.
It is never their fault.

Well ended up after telling schools and the city, that someone was going to die in that park,
15 years later, a girl was killed in there. Then they cleaned up the park
and began to pay attention  to what was going on in there.
15 years too late.

Have we learned nothing from the history of China when people were all sitting
 in opium dens un phased by the world around them?
It all begins innocent enough. Just open the door.......

Today it is with trees We tell them the trees are a problem.
They take the side of the trees rather than the side of the people who will end up with
higher insurance costs once one falls through their roof and kills someone.
Insanity. Even cities pass the buck.
Laws are supposed to work for the people, not against them.
We elect people to safe guard our cities our children our nation and yet the ones
 who do this get the most criticism.
Come election time, the liberals as usual say yes to everything for a vote.
Do we want to fall like the US?
Do we want our good laws and freedoms to fall to ancient barbaric laws?
Women have the most to lose.

I guess we will see which direction we take in a few more days.

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