Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hells Gate


Hells Gate is a very scary place. They have river rafting.
We often stop here.

Well a crow got into my pots this morning and destroyed everything.
All that work out the window.
I covered the pots with plastic covers and he made sure to take them off.

Not meant to be I guess. Everything wants to live.

People said shoot the b.... and I laughed. Here in BC crows are spirit birds.
It's almost as bad to hurt these birds as insulting a sacred mountain in Malaysia.
so as to cause an earthquake.

It is another hot day.

I made sure to put things that would make noise if something came to touch the plants.
At 3 a m ... Bingo.
I turned the outside lights on and a rabbit hightailed it out of the garden. Sure enough he did some damage again.

Today I transplanted some tomatoes into the now empty pots of other things. Tonight I will put them into containers and cover them for the night This will help prevent intruders helping themselves
till dawn when I am awake.
Who knew life would be so hard lol

Neither bird nor beast dug my potato plant which sports some nice potatoes already.
The cucumber plant is growing nicely. and the 3 bought tomato plants have tomatoes on them already and lots of flowers.
Have to keep an eye out on them.

So another nice day. Back muscles hurt. but hey.... life goes on.
Made a delicious soup yesterday. Used chicken livers and cut up a thin steak in small cubes.
Added fresh chopped ginger , chopped Italian broccoli, chopped celery, chopped beat leaves,
1 can of green jack fruit which tasted like potato and added some pyrogies  for dumplings.
Ended up very tasty and had a wonderful smell to it.
 I like it when my guys eat.



Akelamalu said...

Oh that brings back memories of our trip on the Rocky Mountaineer! Hell's Gate is a scary place!

A Lady's Life said...

It sure is Akelamalu