Saturday, June 13, 2015

Wild Thing

This is the wild flower that came up. Must be a perennial
. It opens with the sun and when there is shade it closes.
It was in a packet of wild seeds and flowers open
at diffrent times. So far I have these leaves growing
but no flowers on them. Then this yellow one springs up lol
The stem is short and the flower lies just on top of the leaves
close to the ground..

Tanya again tried getting into pots so again she must be tied.
This is going to be a fun summer. She almost destroyed my two lemon tree plants
and it took me forever to grow them from seeds.
She seems to be hunting again. Something must be
 coming here to the plants.

The drug war is still on as people keep getting shot by our house.
They closed one street last night after 10 pm.till further notice.
It was a targeted shooting.

Medicinal marijuana was passed to smoke bake cookies and other stuff with.
by judges. People are mad cause they say judges have no right to pass drug laws
pertaining to medicine that was not proven to be so.
I say if they are drugs they should be prescribed by the pharmacy with a doctors prescription.
Otherwise no one knows what anyone is smoking. Besides it's such a smelly thing.
Not pleasant to be around. Here it comes in through the bedroom window as you sleep
when people smoke outside. Not good. We should move next door to these judges and
 puff smoke in their faces all day and see how they like it.

 New laws are also being passed to drive on the right side of the road unless passing or
167.00 fines and three points off the driver license will be taken away.

Other laws pertaining to terrorism created second class citizens of all people not born in Canada.
They now have a right to deport every one not obeying Canada laws.
This is for Islamic problems. The other laws allow the RCMP to look into everyones business
who they feel are a threat to Canada. People don't like this but you know,
it's not against good people but against people who come to hurt Canadians.
Laws are too lax and for the criminal. They take ages to arrest them and then lawyers come in and free them within days. Law is a joke.
Now they will exist for the public that just wants peace.

People come here thinking "freedom" to do all kind of wild things.
Then every one suffers.


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