Friday, June 12, 2015

Vancouver Diary Speaks Today.

It is blustery cold this morning. But sun is coming out.

After the crows tried to eat my bean plants, my dog
Tanya decided she likes to lie down in the pots.
So now she has to be kept tied for a while till the danger is over.
 She is really obsessed with the pots.
On a better note I already have 3 tomatoes.
The coleus I saved in the winter is beet red now.
and the carnations are coming out, with 5 buds apart from the 5 flowers
I already have.
No hibiscus flowers yet even after putting the plant in very fertile soil.
 We did some BBQ's and crock pot soup with leeks and potatoes
and beet leaves.mmmm
Lytton is on fire this morning and many places have no electricity
 due to the wind.We lucked out. Not that much wind but almost enough
to turn pots over and cold enough for sweaters. BC has weird weather.
 You just never know from one day to the next.
 I love the sun this year. It's not irritating to my skin like in past years.

I took a pic of a flower I have that opens up during the day but it didn't load.
Will wait till it opens to try again. It's so cute.

Obama cartoons show him to be  friendly to terrorism.
They say everything is about black people who are in control
and yet when things go wrong they blame it on racism. lol
Just like in Quebec separatists blamed what the Church did on English people.
Called themselves the white niggers of America.  Unbelievable.

And the news with Rand Paul speaks of financial disasters and our NDP
wants unions back which destroyed our jobs to begin with cause so many left.

Things are lookin good (not).

Love the Mike and Molly show.
Molly is such a good actress. It takes a lot to make me laugh and she does
it every time.
Have a good one.


Gattina said...

That's funny that your dog likes to lie down in the pots, I only know that from my cats !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina Soil is wet and cool so animals love them.