Friday, July 3, 2015

Little Bella

This is my little Bella. She is still like a pup
Prances around like a Princess.
 It is soo hard not to love her.\She won all of our hearts.
 I finally did a good job clipping my two girls with a comb and scissors.
Now if I comb through them once a week with the scissors I will never have to worry about
taking them to the groomer They will always have short hair that will not
matt. Matts are terrible on these dogs and very hard to control.

We are having very hot weather so the dogs are enjoying it outside.
They all got the runs. We think its from the Chinese chewies
 we got them. Dogs get sick on them. Best to buy local dog treats.

My cucumber plant has 5 little cucumbers and the tomato plants have tomatoes.
We are enjoying BBQ's and my husband made rice with lentils which we like.
I told him we should always make rice with lentils.
It's nice and quiet on holidays cause people run away from the city.
But the best holidays during this time is to stay at home and take holidays
some other time.

It is nice to wake up to birds. Chickadees are chirping every where.
The neighbors have kids to tango with now that school is out.
My fans are all going but this will not last long. I find summer comes early
now and then cools off in August.

We had a very nice Canada Day. It was spoiled by Gay Pride and Canabis Day.
These two groups are selfish and pushing their luck.
They should leave other holidays to what they are without interfering.
They want respect but show none.

Well that's about it for now.
Shut down the TV sets and enjoy the sunshine while we can

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