Saturday, June 6, 2015

PEEEOnie For Me.

What a beautiful day it was today.
 We went to the beach and sat looking out into the horizon.
Came home to beautiful peonie which opened up to expose
it's inner splendor.
Watered my little garden. Things are popping up.
Got some MacCintosh apples.
To me these are the best apples in the whole world.
So I took out a few seeds to see if I could sprout them.

Made lamb shanks which disappeared pronto.
The dogs were competing for the bones. lol

Put beans to soak in water to cook tomorrow.
Otherwise they will take all day to boil.

Then made a pot of steamed asparagus with sausages
beet leaves celery potato macaroni and oats.

Went shopping and forgot the potatoes tomatoes and
oregano. There always seems to be a shortage of oregano for
 some reason. The steak was cheap so I stocked up.

 I got the Fix it to clean the computers and a new printer.
since it is getting hard to find ink for my old one.
This Canon was cheap and wireless.
Like Wow! No wires is so much better.
The ink is cheaper as well.
I wonder if this one has reinking cartridges.?
My Lexmark did not.
We always had to buy new ones.
The day went by very quickly and now tomorrow is another day.


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