Friday, June 5, 2015

The Purple Blink

This is a pretty little flower that popped up in one of my pots.
 I am sure other colors will follow. They close at night.
My front yard is covered in wild, white morning glories.
How easy it is to grow these flowers. Nothing needs to be done.

The peonies are almost open too. I so love peonies.
The amazing ones are the hydrangeas. These flowers almost keep forever and
can be enjoyed indoors. I hate to cut flowers. I am so bad at that. Like them in pots
indoors so they can grow again.

Bunny was sitting watching my Beau with not a care in the world.
I throw out a handful of my porridge oats every day and it all disappears.

I had oak seeds from a tree I planted and some one ate two of them. Just bit right through them?
Birds? Rabbits? Dogs?
Either the birds or bunnies come to eat the oats.
I buy oats always wanting to make porridge but then forget.
So I make sure to put it into soups . It gives it the extra something.

Today I took out a pork loin and shrimp to bake.
Guess I'll bake it in the early afternoon.
The sun is so nice today.

Joe Bidens son is still in transit. He is visiting so many places
before he is finally put to rest.
So hard on the family to lose someone still so young.
I am always upset for the children.

So far I tasted the forest ham I bought from the butcher and have to say
I haven't tasted ham like this since I was a little girl. The same with the bacon.
We just don't buy ham and bacon with the same flavors anymore.
We buy, what we can really call,dead meat.
 The chicken especially has absolutely no taste to it.
Usually I take a bite and then pass it on to the dogs.

I can't wait to see what the pork loin will taste like.
Pork in their store, is all home grown they said.
Home grown beef would be a problem
cause they said it would be too expensive.
Funny hunh when there is no long haul shipping involved.
They send the young cattle to Alberta
 to graze, and then they have to bring them back.
All this costs money.

So this is life as we know it. Never a dull moment.

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