Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Last Boyfriend.

I am not usually a Nora Roberts reader.
I do love the movies though, they put on the Womans' Channel,
based on some of her stories.

This book is a quick read but I was not very impressed with it.
I read it and that's about it.

I guess it would be great for younger people
but for an old chick like me, I need more substance. lol
Even as a kid my books were heavy reads  like the First Circle
by Solzhenytsyn, Les Miserables, Works of Dostoyevsky,
Che Guevera etc...
Every one was petrified of communism back then and
destroyed by Hitler so many books were written on those subjects.

Reading so many books, some topics become boring after a while
but after a generation, once people stop reading certain things,
issues come back to interest a new wave of people.
This book probably would be great for those people.

If you like Nora Roberts, as so many do according to stats,
this is one more to add to your collection
Today I was encouraged by my son to go to Superstore.
He had his own list of what to buy and I was shocked by the things he chose.
He got a huge salmon which is baking right now in the oven with only lemon on it.(he is not a fish eater)
He got squash I am also baking without salt or butter or any spice.
And he got quinoa with Cali brown rice, cause it has less arsenic in it.
 I am not allowed to use salt on anything.
Yet he loves Indian food which is packed with spices. Go figure. lol
 So this will be our supper tonight.
In any event, I bought more ocean fish than usual (no beef since we have a bad strain of ecoli going around).
My favorite is trout.
Superstore sells utility turkeys and for Thanks giving, you don't want to put a turkey with missing parts on the table. Usually I get a small turkey and add more turkey legs to it when I bake it but today since we only have three in our family, I just get a small turkey.
Would have been nice to have more family  around but most of mine are in the US , England and Australia.
The groceries have really gone up in price. I found crab meat I thought was in a can but it turns out it's frozen so it's in the freezer now.
I spent 300 dollars and got a $25.00 gift from Superstore which is handy to have.
This food should last a month since my son eats out a lot and I don't cook if no one is around to
Sometimes Superstore gives you free things like pyrex or a chair which is always appreciated.

I bought a coffee machine and it stopped working so this time I kept the receipt and was able to exchange it.
I always look back and think our appliances never used to break and now I buy and have to replace them all the time but I never keep the receipt. This time I did.

Other news includes my grand daughter celebrating her 3rd birthday year in Australia.
I look at her pictures and she is a happy little girl, always smiling.
My oldest son hasn't changed. I see he is really enjoying her and is a really good Dad.
He learned a lot from his Good ol Mom. lol
I spent so much time with both my boys. I miss reading them stowies.
I miss dressing up on Halloween and making haunted houses
and I also miss watching their cute faces at Christmas when they wake up to find a sparkling tree with boxes under it.
These are truly the best joys in life one could have.
Ok have a good one.:)


Gattina said...

Apparently it's healthy not to eat too much salt but spices (that's not the same because they are made from herbs) but I dont like without salt ! why don't you take Skype (it's free) and you can make video calls (free) to Australia and talk to your son and granddaughter and see them ! I "talk" to Toby each Saturday morning and show him a little book with pictures. It's just as if he was in the room ! Great invention. Now he recognizes me immediately !

Zuzana said...

Hello dear, I am back from my blog break;) What a lovely read.;) We have no such stores here.;)
So has your son started to eat healthier? I myself love fish and salmon tastes great.;)
I can relate to how it feels to miss your family, I do miss mine all the time, we are spread all over Europe, but at least the distances are shorter than yours;)
Have a great weekend,

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina I have skype but its not the same thing.
I am a hands on type of person and so I am not happy about my son marrying and moving all the way down under, especially when I had night mares about it before hand and saw a child looking like his twin, being taken out of the ocean
I think he had more than enough room to move, marry and live closer to home.This is a huge continent full of people.
Australia pulled him since he was 10. This is why I believe things like fate and destiny exist. You follow the path put before you to take.

A Lady's Life said...

Hi! Zuzana! Welcome back.
Hope you had a wonderful time with your beloved.
Yes, it is nice when you have a large family close by. I don't go out much and to think you have to travel thousands of miles on planes, is not like jumping in your car and driving an hour or two.That wouldn't bother me at all.This grand child is raised by strangers and will never know her own family.My youngest has no agenda to marry so I think by the time I get anything in terms of grand children, I'll be too old to enjoy

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

The last boyfriend....

still stuck on that title. Lol

love ya

A Lady's Life said...

lol Butterfly, it's nice to find the right beloved one, cause he becomes also the last one.
He is the most important you go through heaven and hell with together. One body and one soul.