Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Echoes In The Darkness

I think I always loved Echoes by Pink Floyd .
 It lasted a long time, about 22 minutes . One could turn off all the lights, close ones eyes and just let ones' spirit fly.
The music did all the rest.
It took you into the oceans and plains, the wind and the sky.
You soared like a bird with wings spread wide.

You became one with everything and everything  became one with you.
 It's freedom, like nothing one could experience living a normal life chained to rules, families , jobs and society.
 It's like swimming naked in a vast salty,ocean, feeling and absorbing all the water around you like a babe in a Mothers' womb and spiraling through waves and waves of earth and leaves along with all the raw smells and textures.

Waters explained Echoes as " the potential  human beings had for recognizing each others' humanity and responding to it with empathy."
Empathy means having the ability to feel another persons emotions , thoughts and feelings as if they were your own.

you could do it without drugs or alcohol just by sitting and listening, getting high on natural elements found all around you.

Today, I think this is the music of the future .
Long after we are gone, people will
rediscover it in outer space and enjoy it as much as we did in the 70's. here on planet earth.

Since humans cannot find the missing link between man and beast, I believe we are not alone.
There has to be another intelligence and we can find it somewhere in the myths and legends
we procure from our ancestors.

Other times and other worlds existed before we acknowledged our existence.

It would indeed be wonderful to one day, have all these secrets disclosed to us.
 Until then.........

I learned many things from studying cultures especially those of Africa and South America.
There were gods and gods who also changed forms . Some deities were higher than others, which probably was why societies like India, developed castes etc... to emulate the gods.

What is different in free societies, is that we all found out that although born equal, we are all on different planes or levels of understanding and  existence.
 It's just the way things are, as each individual has to learn and grow, at his own pace.
We all have our own journeys in life and we all have rights to live and walk on the roads paved for us alone.

We applied this concept to our schools to kill intolerance because all people are different
and within that concept of tolerance, we learned  the word, freedom .
I guess this is why we fear to lose freedom because it means so much to so many people.

Man is malleable. He can live under most conditions but one thing for sure, is that no system or religion, will stop man from progressing and learning and taking the path God designed for him.

In Christianity we found this concept of forgiveness and tolerance in words like, turning the other cheek
and this is why we only have 10 Commandments, we are free to use at our own discretion or not to use.
No one punishes you for not obeying them unless you hurt or kill someone.

So when it comes to religions, it is here that they falter because they try to stop man from walking his personal, divine path, which they say only belongs to Prophets or Caesers or Bishops or Kings etc....
They proclaimed that only they can have visions from the gods.
But in reality, this is not true. If this was true, Jesus would have been born to  a Caesar, a King and not to a poor woman who married a carpenter.
 Every man , woman and child, has a divine right to his/her path, journey, to learning and understanding. No man is allowed to stand between man and his maker, because on judgement day, it will be between him and the individual and no one else.

I have to say something about this poor girl in Pakistan who spoke her mind and was shot and told by the Taliban that if she lives this time, next time she won't .

Shooting or hurting a child, is the biggest sin in the world and un forgive able.

The man who shot her is an example of an empty mind, on the lowest plane possible, with soooooo much to learn.
He can be compared to the Ice Man we had here in North America. In the end, the Ice Man understood that he had something wrong with him.

Life, politics, this planet, are living entities.
Our planet earth, with its' earthquakes storms and sunny days, is no different from a man or a woman. We can't afford to close our eyes to them any more than we can close our eyes to things like drugs and alcohol or rogues like the Ice Man, who roam this planet.
It is our destiny to recognize evil for what it is, wherever it is and devise ways to deal with it.

We need to learn from Echoes in the Darkness.



BlueShell said...

Oh dear...there are so many things I didn't know...
Thank You!

I've been busy lately (I'm a teacher and this new year is being troublesome)...But now, I'm back- I think!
xoxo BShell

A Lady's Life said...

Blue Shell - teach love
Teach forgiveness
Teach freedom.
Man only answers to one God.
God gave us freedom to learn and progress because he knows there is only one truth. Eventually, one day, we will all understand, on our own terms, and not his, which is the true reason why we exist. This will be the only time, heavens' doors open to mankind.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi A Lady's Life .. I'm listening to the video now ... and love your thoughts on this - there's way too much hate around.

Cheers Hilary

A Lady's Life said...

Hilary - I agree.

Gattina said...

Wow ! that's a long post ! I don't like this music very much, it makes me sleepy. I think it is because Pink Floyd just became famous when I was a freshly married and became a mother. So I had other things in mind. My songs are more in the 60th.

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - Pink Floyd is sorta for meditation. To take you away for a few minutes to enjoy your own spirituality. You have to have an atmosphere to listen to it.I think when people go out into outer space, it will even make more sense looking out of the window into what only the astronauts beheld out of theirs. On this planet it connects you to plants and trees and water, storms...
I love it.

George said...

Thank you for a very thoughtful post. The young girl i Pakistan is an example of light in this dark world. We can't let lights like her go out. I hope and pray she survives this vicious attack.

A Lady's Life said...

George - me too.
I am open minded to most things, except to things like this.
The job of parents is to protect and love their children.Now the Taliban is amazed a fuss was made and is looking for her Father to kill.
Is it not the job of the government to find and arrest all these radical men? God does not need them to speak for them. Children are closer to God and they speak for him.