Friday, October 5, 2012


The boots they march
Through raging storms and fires
To safely keep the innocent at home
Our soldiers eyes see dread and sorrow
So blood soaked soils keep freedom, free

The boots march on to keep the faith
Through raging hurricanes and floods
Our Fathers' perish in the night
But boots, with dying breaths,
are polished bright

There is no divorcing home and plain
No leaving dust that feeds their veins
The boots brought home, are bronzed with pride
The soles repaired, so freedom flies.

A Lady's Life

When I was growing up in the Kennedy days,
Communism was a big issue back then.
People feared it for so may reasons.
It represented loss of freedom
It represented toil without a shred of a reward.
It represented fear to pray to God
or even acknowledge that he exists.
You had to buy the propaganda, hook, line and sinker or face humiliation
prison or death.
Thinking people were thrown into gulags and forced to work in secret.
 It was even worse for the soldiers under Hitler, who feared their ruler.

Well Ukraine plowed, seeded, harvested and starved in winter  as all the food
was taken away from farmers who were not allowed to keep one grain.
People stood in line ups for food, shelter,shoes, warm clothing and even toilet paper
which was still hard to come by under a new "redistribution" regime.
Eventually people said why should we work, when we get nothing?
At least under the Czar, we had something.
But now brother feared brother
And parents feared their children.
Communism failed because it could not replace
There is no brotherhood, without God.
No true redistribution program can exist because no system is perfect.

After Perestroika, people went back to church.
People got jobs, bought homes and cars without fear.
People returned to God who taught them what true brotherhood meant.
It doesn't mean doing something because of fear, expectations,
rewards or punishments.
It meant to do something.  because it was the right thing to do.
 Brotherhood is a question of honour, where a handshake
is worth more than a ton of paper work, on a lawyers' desk.
I remember people after the war, truly understood the meaning of friendship.
and God
because they experienced the miracle of staying alive to see another day.
Brotherhood and friendship was individual, personal and private and
it grew to include many, who finally understood, what
innocence, will never comprehend because it did not suffer.
This is why innocence is valued, by those who lost it.
If only life, could once again, be lived this way but
in an explosive world, it can't be.
People run to streets paved in gold, or so they believe.
But streets are seen as gold only because they are used by employed people,
builders, innovators, who believe in progress.
People who live free, with knowledge and power, to make a difference in the world

A man will never show you charity if he is angry and told he is not allowed to think.
He needs self respect, employment, a home, food on the table and the ability to create
some joy to remember him by.
After all,what is life worth, if there is no joy living it?
A man also needs education in order to achieve understanding.

In North America we found the answers we were looking for, in freedom
and the church, which reminds us 1 hour,every Sunday, to do the right thing,
no matter how small.
A smile, a flower, a sandwich, a hand, a book, can go a long way without
cold bureaucracies and finance companies,
where people are numbers.
Keeping matters close at hand, where you can see them and control them, is more important
than giving them away to people, far away, who will never understand.
We work, to help those we know and  love
We work for our neighbors, friends and family.
We polish boots every day, with every breath we take
We fix soles,
So the innocent, can walk free .
 and it feels good to do this.


George said...

Thanks for a very thoughtful post.

A Lady's Life said...

welcome george

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I love every single word that you have penned her dear friend.

love and hugs

A Lady's Life said...

Thank you butterfly

Gattina said...

Communisme is not the right thing at all, but now in Ukraine with their "freedom" it's even worse. There are rich (very rich) and very poors, nothing in the middle and the very poors even don't know to read or write they regret the communist time, because at least they good a little bit, now nothing anymore. I met some Ukrainians in Egypt.

Peter (Worldman): said...

I remember also the days when we were afraid of communism. After the invasion of Hungary in 1956, Switzerland and its population developped a phobia. There was an exhibition "Lieber tot als Rot" (Better to be dead than red) and our teacher took us to this exhibition. I left it traumantised after having seen photos of life behind the "Iron Curtain". Which, when I recall, was mainly based on situation in the Gulags of Siberia.

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - This is news to me.
People I talked to say they want to be left alone to do their own thing. Most people speak russian because the schools were run in russian. With Chernobyl and Russia really depending on Ukraine for food production I am sure there must some
political thing going on. People have to learn how to use government efficiently. Many people have become creative and moved on. But there will always be people who have less.
They are used to the government doing everything for them.Thats why it is good to always be self supporting

A Lady's Life said...

Peter those were bad days indeed.
So when people bring up words like "redistribution". Red lights go up.
Systems like this don't work. Services are not there but people are forced to pay for it and prices always go up.
It's always better to have competition between companies to keep prices low.