Monday, October 8, 2012

No Living Life On the Wild Side.


I watch Jay Leno,Craig Fergusen, Bill Maher and
Saturday Night Live etc.. and have to laugh
at the jokes they make about the unsung fanatics and heroes
from life in general.
No matter who you are, you can become the butt end of a joke.
Seeing how every one has one, one can expect a billion
or so of them. No one is immune.
I find this is what makes this country great. People are not afraid to laugh
or criticize or insult. People are free with their bodies because they see
a body as a form of beauty. You caress a child with innocence of mind
and pure love, so why should things change when people grow up?
Well some things are nothing to laugh at because what most treasure,
a darkness all around us, lurks to strike.
Evil only sees evil. Evil hates light.
It seems the days of enlightenment are always destroyed.
In Belgium a new group is taking over and it despises democracy.
but it will use it to gain power and destroy the fabric of life as it
is enjoyed.
Obama also makes a lot of jokes at dinners but it doesn't seem like he likes telling them
because his face grows red and the jokes seem to be all written for him.
Where would he find the time to write them or get such ideas?

In any event it makes no difference what he says or writes.
It's a means to an end and he has to do what has to be done to gain votes.
What is of interest and important, is that he is free to do and be, anything he wants in America.

This is quite the opposite of people supporting sharia law who he secretly supports.
So why would he support them when they represent loss of freedom?
People love and support him without understanding the true agenda.
And why shouldn't they when Clinton is doing all the true campaigning and he isn't even VP.
Even Clintons' history is quite amazing, as people who didn't support him seemed to disappear
 and die early deaths. There are many things going on people don't know because they are
side tracked from asking the right questions or ask the wrong people.

Or maybe people do understand as maps show but have a myopic view concerning only greed and money?

Teachers tell us to read history so bad things don't happen again.Things like Hitler and Stalin which all rose to power quite innocently. We send troops to try to speak for freedom because tyrants enter countries and genocide innocent groups of people with jihads where they can .
So it is really not in any ones' interest to turn the other way and ignore what is happening.

We send troops out to resolve the problem in homes of other countries, in the name of freedom, while the enemy is quietly entering our homes to restrain freedom, the blood of our veins, which brought everyone to this refuge continent.
Europe most certainly should have learned a lot more and faster than we here in North America but it's bleeding from all ends and they still go and spend money in enemy lands, which ends up in Taliban hands.

It is our hippie generation, that taught that if you want something destroyed, destroy it from the inside out .
They found out flower power didn't do it, being nice didn't do it, fighting establishment didn't do it so how would one do it?
Well, trying to resolve our problems, we gave the enemy of democracy, a way to do it from the inside out too and they have all the time in the world, using our laws to do it.

It is important to remember
Laws, constitutions, are just pieces of paper. They are worthless and meaningless if the people do not support them.Especially if a President doesn't support them and just endures it to do the job his agenda sent him to do.

We had the Sikh community here in BC hiding terrorists in their Khalsa school and if you ever met kids from there. they looked at you in fear because they were taught something there to promote fear and hate. In our own country, Canadian kids are kept alienated from the real world and people. This is not a good sign. The ethnic kids who go to normal public schools become true Canadians.

The melting pot ideology is a good ideology to have in a country. The moment you begin with cultures, it becomes a power struggle. In Canada we were always told that we were living  an experiment to see what happens. Would a Mozaic , community pockets,  work?
We estimate 6,805 languages in the world today and if we had a mixture of all of them, maybe a Mozaic would work. However we don't bring in all these languages. Once a group decides to immigrate, they bring everyone and explode into procreation,something we were taught not to do because the planet cannot feed all these people , but you can't say no.
 Now Cali says we can't feed every one. Water is scarce but
people come and still have 9-10 children in poverty situations like the octo Mom.
In Canada, BC especially, they want to flood important food producing land, in the Peace River area, for
electricity, as they did in Quebec. Now why do they always do this?

It's important to say no. Singapore says no.China says no. Russia says no.
Most countries we know say no.

Those who don't know how to say no end up full of holes which bleed from the inside out.
No today, is an important word to say.
If we don't begin to use it more often, it will be forced upon us in another way, as it is in so many other places in the world.

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