Friday, October 12, 2012

Spider Penis Soup Argument

Kids are fun.
Once upon a time my son brought some friends to dinner and I served soup.
One boy saw some little black specks (black pepper) in the soup and asked what they were.
He wasn't a little boy but a big boy, around 16 .
When I asked him what he usually ate at home, he said rice.
We had just finished talking about all the weird foods people eat around the world, like for example in China they ate dogs and monkey brains and in Singapore, penis soup, was a specialty.
When foreigners read it on the menu, they grossed out and complained, which forced the cooks at the hawker centers, to change the name or at least just write it in Chinese so foreigners couldn't read it.

I was surprised he didn't know about black pepper in soups.
So I thought, now is a good time to become the kidnapped guide from the Crocodile Dundee movie and make up a story about my soup, like he did about the local tribes in Australia.

"Oh ."I told him.
"This is a very special soup from Africa , called Spider Penis Soup.
Can you imagine how many poor little spiders died so this soup could be made?
Then they still have to collect all these little penises. They must be huge spiders though to even be able to see these little things."

I could see the boys' face cringe and now, while the other boys were cracking up laughing, I knew he really believed me and wouldn't now eat the soup.
Ok some could see this as mean or out of place but guys come up with a lot worse than this and being in a house full of men, it's not that weird to come up with this story.
I tried hard to keep a straight face and told him not to be shy and eat up but that spoon hardly touched the top of the soup as he tried to see if indeed these were spider penises.

Finally I had to laugh too and tell him:
"No.  It was just black pepper."
He looked at me like he thought I was lying to make him eat the soup and now the joke was on me, cause the other guys were laughing at me trying to convince this boy it was black pepper.

The Moral of the story was that spices and soup ingredients, can get you in
In Africa, Ananse the Spider is very famous.

One story was about a man who killed animals who disagreed with him.
Ananze is a trickster god, like the Monkey god in Chinese mythology.

He met this man one day and invited him to  his house for dinner.
The Table was set with lots of chillie peppers.

The man ate lot of these chillies and his mouth began to burn so he asked Ananses' children for water.
The children told him that the water was over their Fathers' pot and they were afraid to touch it in case it mixed with what was in the pot below.
The man argued with them saying this was totally absurd, at which point Ananse stood up
and told him that he must die, because he was arguing.

The man was attacked, killed and torn up into pieces,which were then thrown around the planet and
this is how ARGUMENT spread all around the world.

When I read this story I remembered my own spider penis soup one and it all fit together to write this blog.
Last night I listened to the Ryan Biden debate and I have to say
I was not very impressed with Biden.
But then I thought about the enlightening discussions he must have with his own children at home and had to laugh.Ryan was his son and was not shown much respect. lol
If I was a soldier, I would hate to have this man speaking for me and my troops.
Ryan kept saying our men need all their men in Afghanistan . If you are going in to do something, do it the right way.
 Biden kept pushing that the military trained Afghans and they need more Afghans to fight their own battles, rather than send more Americans to die.
What was not said was that American Soldiers train Afghans but they do not trust the Afghans fighting beside them because these guys train with them and then infiltrators shoot Americans.

So either send Afghan soldiers alone to shoot their enemies or send the American military to do it, but not together.

Right now it seems, the Taliban has gone into sniper mode whereby
it is ok to smile and train with an infidel and then stab him in the back and blame the enemy,
 freedom fighters came to fight.
Biden went there how many times? 22 and he doesn't understand this?

In Afghanistan this little girl is doing well but the Taliban is amazed a fuss was raised about it cause they said they do this all the time and no one cares.
No one cares?
They do it all the time and no one cares?????

Parents in the US are asking why did our sons die in Libya and the Obama Government hasn't got a clue.
By now they should have gotten some answers.Were the Embassy people tortured and sodomized?
 Here is some evidence of what was done to Chris Stephens.

In healthcare, again with Obama care, there is no competition, leaving doors open to runaway
spending. Our Canadian health care is suffering because of this. 
Competition is always good to keep prices down and to get answers to questions.
Private firms keep prices down, run a tight ship, and get answers for you.
Something to think about.



SandyCarlson said...

Your spice story has me smiling!

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy - me too
These guys pull a lot of stunts on me so I thought I'd engage in some wisdom with them too. lol

Gattina said...

:) I have actually never seen if a spider has penis or not, because when I see one I run away !

George said...

I enjoyed your story about the spider penis soup. I was also interested in your comments about the debate the other night. I wasn't very impressed with Biden, either.

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - You ran away from the spider.. or his penis? lol

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks George The world is full of funny stories lol