Monday, October 24, 2011

The Truth of 2012

Well it puts ones' mind to rest that we do not have to worry about 2012 as some seers predict. lol
However here we question the existence of things like fate and destiny.
If there is such a thing as fate and destiny, (which I believe do exist) then there is no such thing as free will. lol

When ever we watch Al Pucino (playing the fallen angel), he always talks about free will. He says I never make people do things. People have to come to me freely. It's all about free will.

God also says the same thing, except God is the creator. There is science behind his madness.
For him it is irrelevant if you come to him out of free will or not because he "is".
All " is " in him.

Man likes to think God plays mind games with him.
He believes God wants us to wear certain clothes, eat certain foods , make people and food sacrifices, live a certain way but for God all these things are irrelevant.

We could be no more a problem to God than what paramecium are to us.
But we can control paramicium and they would never know it, as we are controlled .

We all belong to God and if anything, he just wants to give us a fair shake by giving us some advice as to how to live fairly and justly, so we do not eliminate each other because we do have a purpose to our existence which has not been revealed as of yet.

The Fallen Angel wants you to kill yourself so he gets stronger in front of the creator.He's a trickster who talks about free will, when in actuality there is none.
There only "is".

How profound and deep is this two letter word? "IS"

Jesus knew how many people loved him.
He knew how much people needed him to explain things to them.
He was an innocent, a shepherd, a son of God.

And yet knowing people were coming to get him and
knowing Judas was going to give him up and even maybe telling him he should give him up, so he is martyred, crucified, he didn't care what people thought or felt.

It was psychologically cruel of him to go and get himself beaten, crucified and tortured until his last breath, while people watched and suffered in his torture. He in essence committed suicide by not fighting to survive.
Can you imagine his Mother and Joseph on this day? How they felt?

Unless he was insane, he had to know something more than the people did.
After three days he resurrected. He showed people that he "IS" thus reinforcing belief in Christianity and the importance of mans' humanity to man.

In the end, everyone is going to die. This is predestined fate.

What is left to man to determine is, does it make a difference in how man goes?
Would the fallen angel be able to offer man salvation, eternity to live and know love?
Can true love be equated in importance to man as greed, lust, vanity, hate, etc......

and this is Why man lives, because man has good in him and we were created to build on this good and to do that, we require faith in our ability to succeed
and to have faith, we need to believe God exists.
We need to believe in the future of mankind.

The Fallen Angel belongs to God too and he is a trickster designed to make us think.
Maybe he is like Judas, sent by God to do a certain teaching job.
He cannot offer man anything except death and darkness until Gods' mercy takes us back to the light.
Is he tempting fate and destiny? Is he saying there is something else other than a future for mankind? There is irony here.

You know, people say they have rights to be prostitutes, to do drugs, to pray to evil. etc....They say God is baloney.
Yet when they die, their relatives ask the same people, not supportive of their lifestyle, and the law, which they break every day because it invites crime, for protection and justice for the forsaken one.

Isn't this interesting?

So this means that under neath it all, they agree and have faith, that there is a better good out there to turn to. They just haven't found their way to get to it yet.

I can't help but to think that maybe God is like our own body and the fallen angel is like a cancer inside us eating away at health and life. We try to fight it. It fights back and tries to survive.
The more you give to evil, the weaker God becomes. So it must do something we do not understand.

You ask any bad or sick person about cancer and he will say he doesn't like it and yet when it comes to issues of the soul, people don't mind to suffer. For example, they know drinking makes you feel bad but they drink anyway. They know drugs make you feel bad and yet they take them.
They know prostitution promotes disease and makes you feel bad and yet they do it and they demand rights to be free to do it.

In other parts of the world, they know torturing people is wrong and yet they do it, not understanding it is falling into the hands of the fallen one, into the hands of cancer.

People know suicide is wrong but they commit the act.
Jesus absolved all these sins saying people do them because they are ignorant and do not understand what they do.

He absolved them to give his Father his health back.
But then his Father doesn't need this help because it is nothing for God to destroy cancer.
God created once and he can create again.
So it was done for man, to give him an opportunity to understand something.

Fate and destiny exist as well as a creator , who may decide to do things different the next time.
Man has no options, no free will . All man has is a gift of time to learn to understand this ......... humanely, under God's light.

Have a great Day!


Gattina said...

Certainly God doesn't want that people fight against each other in his name !

A Lady's Life said...

gattina - yes but men havent figured that out yet lol
Men continue to look for causes.