Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Little Poetry To Clear the Mind.

Our school is a good school,
It's made of bricks and plaster,
The only thing that's wrong with it,
Is the bald headmaster.

He laughed when they said it couldn't be done,
He smiled and said he knew it,
But he tried the thing that couldn't be done,
And found he couldn't do it.

Poor old teacher, we missed you so,
When in hospital you had to go.
For you to remain there is a sin,
We're sorry about the banana skin.

There was a young caretaker named Frank,
Who kept all his beer in the school tank.
One day it was locked,
And he was so shocked,
Because without his pint he'd go blank.

When things get twisted and out of joint,
Don't get discouraged and quit the game,
Remember a corkscrew never goes straight to the point,
But it gets there just the same.

The joke you just told isn't funny one bit,
It's pointless and dull, wholly lacking in wit.
It's so old and so stale it's beginning to smell
And besides, it's the one I was going to tell.

Mary had a little bear,
To which she was so kind,
And everywhere that Mary went,
She had a bear behind.

Don't worry if your job is small,
And your rewards are few.
Remember that the mighty oak,
Was once a nut like you.

There was a young teacher of Rheims,
Who had the most frightening dreams.
She would wake in the night,
In a terrible fright,
Shaking the house with her screams.

I wish I was a little grub,
With whiskers round my tummy.
I'd climb into a honey pot
And make my tummy gummy.


The day is sunny and we are waiting for the Hockey game to begin between the Vancouver Canucks and San Jose.

It should be a treat as the Vancouver team is said to be very focused.

It is going to be a long week end here in Canada and the college kids are heading up on to Whistler to partee.

Mama and Papa will also partee at home alone for their anniversary. We are slowly becoming a single couple

Saturday, according to one priest, is supposed to be judgement day. Its just a matter of days before we see what all this is about.

Seems to me the end of the world has been predicted every generation and still the world is carrying on as if it doesn't know anything. It just continues on its' path doing what it always does, ebbs and flows, freezes and melts, rains and shines.

The rest of life has to deal with the consequences of the planets behavior.

Lately it has been naughty. Is it learning from life to live?

To make it exciting for people?

Well at least we are busy trying to clean up our lives so less time is spent on dirtying it. lol

Trying to see the bright side of it.



SandyCarlson said...

This was fun. I will think about the little nut that became an oak all day tomorrow at work. Thanks!

A Lady's Life said...

lol Thanks Sandy
Have a nice evening!!

Zuzana said...

I recall how my parents thought it was odd when me and my sister moved away from home and they were on their own again.;)
Love your little poem, have a lovely day dear friend,

Russell said...

I enjoyed the poems. Nice way to start an early morning out here on the plains!

Congratulations to your Vancouver hockey team. I see they won - again! - last night. Maybe this will ge the year ....

Have a fun weekend and as they saying goes, party hardy!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Russell :)

A Lady's Life said...

Zuzana empty nest syndrome feels very