Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Power of the Shwartznegger

Now all jokes aside I feel sorry for this couple since they seem to be a couple in love.
So what's the beef? They are rich, have social status, are respected and loved by not only their friends and neighbors, but the whole world it seems.
What's so irreconcilable?
Arnold is getting old and so is Maria.

So.... now they argue????

As you get older shouldn't things become easier? Shouldn't people become mellow with age?

So let him make another movie and let her be free as well to do what she wants to do.

Time for her to wear her own pants and tell him, to stay out of them lol

There are many ways to stay in love. Many ways to have sex. Many ways to live.Many ways to have children.
Mankind seems to have a vivid imagination in how to achieve without actually achieving anything. There is how ever, only one right way and to deny that, is to deny everything.

Leeza Gibbons said something which I found to be very true.

She said, when you decide to do something,
ex: have a career or be a Mother etc...,
you decide to be excellent at what you do.

In order to excel, you have to leave the rest behind.
Otherwise you spread yourself too thin and then nothing happens.
The creme, she says, ( those who try harder), rises to the top and separates from the rest of the milk.
The rest of the milk party's while the creme is kept alone and it can become very lonely.

I could relate to this myself in parenting style.
When other parents had their kids, teen boys, had overnight sleep overs with girls. These parents allowed their kids to bum smokes off of them, marijuana etc...
These parents behaved at home ,in a way that was not complimentary to child rearing.
and then....
When society pays police to watch over the community and bring a child home to tell the parents of the wrong doing, these parents say you have no right to touch the child. Take the child back to where you got him.
One day, the child dies or kills or rapes or steals and this same kind of parent raises a stink because it's every one elses' fault.
Some blame it on poverty but I have known many fine good God fearing families who raise wonderful children.

I would also tell my kids no to all of the above things and try to teach them right from wrong.
I was trying I guess, to do what Leeza Gibbons said, be or build the creme that rises to the top, but I was and am, always the bad guy for it. lol

To me, life is about not just looking up at a beautiful sky, but to try to raise society up to that level. Since the sky is limitless in our perspective, there is a lot for us to learn. A lot of space to upgrade in.
But some get left behind because they get no support at home, no guidance.
People learn to depend on government instead of on themselves and government can't be a solution to everything. Government is impersonal.
As individuals, people are personal.

Leeza said she advises her friends that maybe it's better not to strive for perfection
and she is right. Once you let other people into your life, your life never is about you anymore and to expect it to be, just ends up in a lot of needless suffering.

Only one thing wrong with that. Once you let people into your life and they do what they want, you are still held responsible. In the end, the control that is taken out of your hands, comes back to haunt you, to control you, for doing nothing wrong.

Strange world we live in. Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

In my house I used democracy. We all had a vote to decide what we should do and when.
For the most part it was fun and worked very well. In other cases someone had to say

I hope this couple resolves their problem. Maybe they should let their kids in and let them vote too on this personal family problem. In my opinion,
this couple needs to make time for each other, in between the his and her projects. lol
Charity begins at home.
There is a time to live for the world and a time to live for your personal life.


George said...

I really like this post -- it's full of good advice and common sense. Unfortunately, common sense seems to be in short supply nowadays.

A Lady's Life said...

George = tha's so true.

Gattina said...

Is that really true that they split up after so many years or is it just a rumor ? I haven't heard or read anything about it yet.
I have two couple of friends who divorced after 35 years of marriage ! Not because of another woman or man, just like that, they wanted to live their lives seperately.
With children you never know, it also depends on the friends they have and the character they are born with. Education is only a part of the whole thing !