Thursday, May 19, 2011

Love and People

This is a beautiful video. I wish I could make something like this.
Maybe one day. lol

Today I visited the Lia Sophia Catalogue looking for some jewelry items.
Once in a while I like to treat myself. lol

Well I found this beautiful Solace Ring made with Abalon.
I love delicate looking things like cameos and this ring was very appealing to me.
I thought it would be very expensive but when I looked it up, it was only 58.00 dollars. Totally reasonable.

I think this company has come a long way and is really beginning to know its' customers likes and dislikes. Worth taking a look see.

And while we are on jewelry, after the Bin Laden demise, Obama and his wife are invited to spend time at Buckingham Palace.

I guess it might be the Queens way of thanking Obama for maybe warning them about what was happening in Pakistan thus postponing William and Kates' Honeymoon.

It was very nice of her, considering Prince Philip is known for his quotes and gaffes which might not be very considerate or flattering or exactly polite lol Joking of course.

Prince Phillip's quotes and gaffes (Also known as the 'consort's clangers'..)

(1967 When asked if he would like to visit the Soviet Union) "The bastards murdered half my family.."

(1981 A comment during the UK's recession) "Everybody was saying we must have more leisure. Now they are complaining they are unemployed.."

(1982 To Solomon Islanders, on being told that their population growth was 5% a year) "You must be out of your minds.."

(1984 On receiving a gift from a Kenyan native woman) "You are a woman aren't you?.."

(1986 To a group of British students in China) "If you stay here much longer you'll all be slittyeyed.."

(To a Cayman Islander) "Aren't most of you descended from pirates?.."

(c. 1990 To a British expat in Hungary) "You can't have been here that long, you haven't got a potbelly yet.."

(1995 To a Scottish driving instructor in Oban) "How do you keep the natives off the booze for long enough to pass their test?.."

(1998 To a student who'd trekked in Papua New Guinea) "You managed not to get eaten then?.."

(1999 On seeing a fuse box while being shown around an Edinburgh factory) "It looks as though it was put in by an Indian.."

(2002 To a school band in Cairns, Australia) "You were playing your instruments weren't you?, or do you have tape recorders under your seats?.."


Maude Lynn said...

The consort's clangers are hilarious! He really said those things?

A Lady's Life said...

Mama Zen - apparently he does and no one seems to like him lol

George said...

Thanks for sharing the video -- it is beautiful. I'm confident you'll be able to make something like this whenever you get inspired.

A Lady's Life said...

Well maybe one day lol
You need the equipment and as soon as you get the stuff they do things different again lol

SandyCarlson said...

Pretty low-brow stuff for a high-brow boy! He really should get out more often...and have that Guinness.

Ha. I enjoyed this.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

GM Beautiful friend of mine!

I'm glad that you're treating yourself. I actually just purchased some jewelry from them for a friend at Church. It was a difficult choice due to the amazing selections.

Love for a great day!
China ;-)

Russell said...

Lots of thought provoking quotes in that video. Very nice. And you could certainly create one as nice or nicer if you wish!

I enjoyed the post about your sons riding the horses. Sounds like a good experience for all of you.

And glad to see they are wearing helmets -- lots and lots of head injuries from people falling off these 1200 lb animals!

I was not aware Prince Phillip has a reputation for making awkward comments. But to be honest I do not know much about the Royal family except the most basic of basics.

I do know that Mrs. Obama created a stir when she hugged the Queen a year or so ago when the Obamas were in London.

Take care.

A Lady's Life said...

lol Russell - They try to Keep Philip out of the lime light. Maybe he does this on purpose so people would not follow him lol
The horse ranch left us with great memories :)

A Lady's Life said...

Butterfly you are a kindred spirit. :)

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy - He is really good at his farm and takes it seriously. They have a garden, the produce of which they doate to the poor and beautiful first class horses , cows etc....
This is Philips job every day to walk around to make sure everything is kosher lol