Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Poor Mothers Heart.

This is a very old beloved and also hated song of my youth
sung by the King of Tango Peter Leschenko.

I was a little girl and listened to this song over and over again.
It was bad enough it was a Tango, the dance of love but
it also broke my heart because the song was about a Mother who lost her
son who she accuses of having forgotten her.
She was dying of a broken heart and wished she could see him if only for an hour.

She told everyone not to call the doctor cause he couldn't do anything to calm the anguish and trembling in her heart.
She wanted her son back because life was too difficult to live without him.
He was the light of her life and without him, not knowing where he was,
her soul was dying.
I was around 4 or 5 when I broke the record and shoved it behind the radio gramophone thinking no one would find it there. lol

When My Mom asked me why I broke the record I told her my Mothers heart is not broken.
She doesn't need a son, when she has me. I was quite upset.
My Mom delicately explained to me that if I don't like something I should just put it away and not use it.
I think I broke her heart that day. lol

This was just a record and had nothing to do with me or my family but when people have problems at home, its not just grown ups suffering. Children watch grown ups suffering, and this leads to terrible side effects. I have to think right now about all these children growing in the African and Islam world. How many years will it take to heal their wounds? More are being raised on the hatred in their parents hearts.
When I went to school I was amazed how many kids came, literally shaking over issues which had nothing to do with them. Did they live in a concentration camp? Were they starved and shot at by the Reds in Russia? Even in Quebec, we see this hate being inspired against the English part of the country, to gain Quebec separation, using history, which has changed so much in their favor. The Quebecois forget that their schools never educated people except in religion, so they were not qualified to do anything.
Today, they can't use this history anymore but they continue to try to proliferate hate into their children. In BC the same is being done with Punjabi children and Phillipine children who are being taught that we OWE them for the past. I don't feel I owe anybody anything. My Father was an innocent who spent his life running and sitting in labor camps and my Mother was beaten
by German surgeons when she, a child herself, did not give them the proper surgical instrument
during an operation. She was a person who fainted at the sight of blood, so I can just picture how terrified she was at that time forced to work for such people.
No matter what their experience was however, they spared me from knowing about it until I learned for myself in books and from other people. I grew up with a clean and good heart because of their charity and true love to spare me. When they did say something, they told of good people who would risk thrusting a crust a bread through a fence seeing people were starving. A small thing but helped a person survive. Life is such that moves you forward.
Once you are gone, forget about it and don't keep looking back because you won't fit in.
The singer of this song kept looking back and was sent into a hard labor camp after being allowed entry into Russia.

Then we see schools and governments trying to put the blame on different things, like bullying and in politics, Christianity and the CIA lol.
If only it were that simple.

Instead, the blame should be put on pressure groups, parents and leaders, who put themselves first before their population and children.
Why are societies allowing children, to watch an adult world, which they do not understand, behave badly? Is this a way to raise people to develop a loving peaceful world?

When we say we are our brothers' keeper, we mean this especially where children are concerned and people should always behave in such a way, so as to set children a good example for them to grow on.
This means no bad language, no adultery, no divorce and stability, bringing love into their homes and supported by business institutions who care about people instead of their money. Money should not make slaves of people. A man should not financially destroy another to earn a living.
Maria Shriver knew what she married and I am not so sure she didn't know about Arnold's
escapades and that the woman in question right now, was even working in her home.
Maria didn't look very happy for a long time.

She must have heard talk of this woman and what she was doing. Maybe she even suspected the boy playing with her family had a resemblance to her Arnold.
Regardless, she stuck it out long enough not to risk political scandal with respect to the man she married. She will sue him and clean it all up and for the first time in his life, Arnold is terminated.
Maria is now wearing the pants in the family. But beware......Arnold has a sticky history.
He'll walk behind her saying.........I'll be back. lol It might be a true love story here. lol

Our communities and government and social groups try band aide solutions which they know will never work, because psychological damage takes years resolve, if ever.
It creates angry people who do not care to be their brothers keepers.
You can only take so much abuse.
You can only watch so much abuse in politics , businesses, churches, families, TV, Music, art and
especially financial institutions which are cold and heartless, when it comes to money, not caring who they hurt. We shudder hearing about people being beheaded in our busses and shopping marts. More will happen, because people are over exposed to technological, psychological abuse .
It's all business which is not interested in working with their client. Today the little guy needs scavenger lawyers to nip at their scavenging lawyers, and both sit in checkmate because the laws do not work anymore.
It remains to be seen how Maria Shriver will clean it up with Oprah at her side lol Will Arnold be able to withstand her institution of friends? lol

It makes you wonder, why have laws and why have prisons, when the true criminals design laws
to fail. They are used against the person they are defrauding and hurting legally.
Other obvious examples ? Mortgages. Bank policies, Insurances, Gas companies. Who needs them? They offer you nothing but trouble. They play on natural greed.When you need them, they fail you. So why give them your money? Use it to buy your kid new shoes and or to teach him a life hobby of survival.

Businesses cut you quick and clean. They are not interested in your problems.
But when an instance happens whereby the customer victim, proves probable cause, of say fraud, they ignore the victim and do not pay the reparations owed, to the damage they did, even if they are insured themselves should something like this happen. They drag it on and on and make the little guy, the bad guy and maybe even a dead guy when it comes to health issues. A lot of good it does to sue then. Someone always has to die before issues are corrected.

The only way to deal with such institutions is to have a feisty Judge,interested not only in law but in clean business, take the side of the people and freeze their business until a thorough investigation takes place. It would be a wise thing to do because once an institution is investigated other cases would be easier to deal with. Truth would be at the top of the pile.
Shut the whole thing down.
After all, this is what they do to their customer. Otherwise it can be seen as discrimination.

Once they understand the billions in assets they will lose each day, by getting a taste of their own medicine, they will not resort to these methods, in their legally preplanned contracts, designed to fail the customer who buys into them or who they sell to. They would ensure good business practices with things called responsibility and accountability.

Why would a President of a gas company, care about the fraudulent money he took and owes a poor man who needs it to feed his family, when he can sit on it and collect interest and earn a million in company bonuses? What does he care about honor and business accountability,
when money is involved to his advantage?

Todays' world, inspite of all the rhetoric, does not care about his fellow man, as much as they care about their bonuses which amounts to millions, if they know how to legally destroy enough people. So learning and teaching people how to destroy others pays in the end because judges only look at laws in black and white and not about the root causes and meaning behind them to stop such things from happening.
The things our local police deal with, are small problems, and these problems would disappear once people are happy in systems that work fairly for them .

Right now
Shakespeare comes to mind.
Julius Caesar:
Brutus said he was ambitious and Brutus is an honorable man.

Today's world ..........As in yesterdays'
A true tragedy............leaving
A Poor Mothers' Heart to suffer.


SandyCarlson said...

The world is short on kindness, it seems many days.

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy - we learn history not to repeat our mistakes and yet they still keep repeating. lol

Akelamalu said...

That's a sad story behind the record. I'm glad your mother didn't punish you for breaking the record.

A Lady's Life said...

Akelamalu - It's a very sad song and put to Tango..... well it's like all Gypsy music with their violins, it tugs at your heart and even to this day when I hear it, I cry every time.
Every mother can relate to losing a child whether it be a girl or a boy.
My Mom understood this and she saw I was already upset.I didn't usually break
After I grew up I spent many years trying to find this song with this singer and it is by shear luck that I did find it.So I posted it so as not to lose it
Then I looked up the history of the singer and it is equally as sad as the songs he sung.