Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Fever

Good Day to EVERY ONE!!

Spring Fever has finally struck.
We have a gorgeous day today.

Above I have a collage with a picture of my tulips and hyacinths
the now old cape with flowers , since I now began another one to replace it with in knitting.
I will have to make a crochet hat to match the one with flowers.
That's how work accumulates. lol


I made the pieces for a small candy wrapper bag . It needs the parts to be sewed together now.
I am hoping I will know how to do this and then the project will be finished and I will know I can play with paper on a boring day someday and make purses lol which are useful things.
Sometimes you may need something special to match your attire and if you can get the right colors, you can make it at home faster than you can find something suitable in a store.
It is similar to origami.

I think they are worth making and teaching girls keeps you busy and happy.
Everything people learn in life, is good.

Have a good one!!


Mama Zen said...

Those candy wrapper purses are really cute!

A Lady's Life said...

Mama Zen they are but I have to finish it and right now seems I began too many projects lol
The yoke of the new cape is taking a long time to do with thin needles but I hope it will be worth it.
Thanks :)