Friday, March 25, 2011

Fusing Plastic Bags To Sew or Create Stuff with

After you fuse the bags to make material, they can be cut and sewn or folded into
many things such as book covers, Journals by clipping holes to match the paper holes which you then place inside and using thread to tie everything together.
You can fuse cuttings from other paper bags to create designs on the original material. It's suitable for wallets purses, bags etc...
Just use your imagination.In my house I find them suitable for table settings and to put on the coffee table your kids use so if they topple a glass over it doesn't get into the wood. It would cost a lot to get a glass to cover the table.

These are excellent tips for teachers to do projects with at school since art supplies are expensive. Kids can bring their own bags to fuse.This girl used printer paper but most other clips show wax paper being used to fuse bags with.
For bigger pieces use 4 whole bags one on top of the other because the best thickness is made up of 8 layers of bags. This is why she folds the bag twice over making it a smaller piece.

Have fun and enjoy.

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