Sunday, March 20, 2011

Liver May Be the Origin of Alzheimers? Hope Hope

I can't remember where I've been
Or where I'm going.
And I am not sure if I ate or slept
Or cooked or cleaned or did my sewing
But I will never forget your sweet face
As long as you are with me.
So darling rest your head on mine
And promise you won't leave me.
And I promise you that I'll be good
And greet you with a smile
And I'll share what ever's left in me
As your beloved wife.
For in the end what's left
Except you and me and love
For no one else will understand
What we were both made of.
A Lady's Life.

This is very interesting.
Alzheimers may be the result of the liver.
Check it out. Article by Kate Melville
from the Journal of Neuroscience

They found a
mouse gene corresponding to a gene known to predispose humans carrying particular variations of it to develop early-onset Alzheimer's disease .

"The product of that gene, called Presenilin2, is part of an enzyme complex involved in the generation of pathogenic beta amyloid," Sutcliffe said. "Unexpectedly, heritable expression of Presenilin2 was found in the liver but not in the brain. Higher expression of Presenilin2 in the liver correlated with greater accumulation of beta amyloid in the brain and development of Alzheimer's-like pathology."

This finding suggested that significant concentrations of beta amyloid might originate in the liver, circulate in the blood, and enter the brain. If true, blocking production of beta amyloid in the liver should protect the brain. "

I found this to be quite enlightening as I feel being robbed of your memories and life in later years, is a devastating experience.

Considering so many people will be getting old soon, we should find a cure sooner than later
so we can enjoy our old age.
I Never knew shrimp could run so fast

Check it out.


George said...

The article about am Alzheimer-liver connection is very interesting. Wouldn't it be wonderful if a way could be found to prevent this horrible disease?
I like your poem very mcuh.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks George.

A Lady's Life said...

Its very hard for one to watch the other fade away like this. It was hard on my parents and on our family too. We had a person we could have enjoyed and shared memories with and then we just had the person which was a blessing for us but not for my Mom.