Monday, December 7, 2009

King Tut Mask 2009


I wish I could take credit for this one but I can't.
It was a school project my son had to do recently.
He and his friend had to make a King Tut Mask.

My son used different colored play dough and he liked the result.
What happened was that as it dried, it began to crack..

So....... Help Mom! lol

I told him first off to use a brush and cover it with glue to prevent it from completely falling apart.

Then I figured the next step would be to use toilet paper which splits into very thin sheets.
When you put glue on the piece you work on, you can smooth the paper onto the surface, with the glue,
with a wet brush.

So he did that and it gave it a lovely textured look but it no longer had the different
colored play dough which he liked.

So then I found my old gold spray paint can( praying OH God I hope I don't have to buy a new one cause the spray thingy is clogged. I hate school projects cause you spend so much money on art supplies just to throw it away later)
I used it to recycle a old piece of furniture. Thankfully it worked but just a little, enough for him to spray his masterpiece.

Then came the art work and he had to paint on all the lines the eyes.
Then we had to figure out how to present it.
The dollar store had great framed canvasses. I thought hmmm.
If you inverse it, it makes a fine frame.
So we got black poster board the framed canvass and it was off to finish the project.

It is so hard to get teenagers to spend time with you, so I had great time helping my son to figure things out without actually doing anything lol
He appreciated it, cause to leave it the way it was, just with the play dough, was not going to

He glued the poster board into the back of the framed canvass and then the King Tut Mask onto that.
It dried over night and Voila..... an A grade on something he himself was surprised to have achieved and something he was very proud of himself.

This piece is sure to be something I want framed and put in his room.
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George said...

What a wonderful project and story. Congratulations to both you and your son. The finished project looks great.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks George!! :)

GMG said...