Friday, December 11, 2009

Birds Fly South

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Bird migration is something quite remarkable.
These little homeless birdies weave nests out of
whatever scraps they may find, lay eggs, raise families,
and then fly south for winter.
Every spring they come back.

I have to ask myself why do they come back?
It is so much warmer in the south.
Is it maybe too warm and they don't like it?
Or maybe our food up north tastes better? lol
They get no checks in the mail and certainly have no one to answer to.

What ever the reason for their coming back, what is
remarkable, is that they are strong and healthy
and they do this flight every year.

What is even more interesting is that birds are homeless.

They are like some tribes that believe soil belongs to no one.
It was there before man and will still be there after mankind dies.

We have many homeless people today and every year the numbers are getting bigger.
Society looks down upon these people as if they did something wrong or are not
of the same caliber as the rest who have homes to go to.
Rest assured,society is wrong.
Homelessness can happen to any one, even the richest of people.

It is for this reason that I feel society has to help the homeless.
If you do not want to open your home to a stranger, then at least let him live amongst you in peace.
As long as he is drug and alcohol free, there should be no problem.

As for homeless people, there is no reason why they should suffer in winter.
The government supplies them monthly checks and this money can be used to go south to much cheaper places to live for the winter months.
In fact I am surprised our governments haven't come up with this idea.
310 dollars a month could go a long way in another country.

People suffer because there is no one to do the right thing.
No one to organize to make it easier to survive but it doesn't mean it can't be done.

Whenever I see some one thumbing a ride south, that is exactly what I think he/she is doing.
Just like the birds, they are migrating south for the winter.
What I dislike about our MLA's ,
is that we pay them to think and all the do is whine.

Whining is the the public's domain. Finding answers, solutions, is what we pay government to do.

Johnny Denver – Today While the Blossoms still Cling to the Vine


Nessa said...

Homelessness is such a difficult issue. There are so many reasons why people are homeless. So often they are not wanted where ever they go.

alady's life said...

yes I agree.
We have a streets full of them and horror stories.
However there are those who fall through the cracks that are not on drugs and alcohol. They are family people.
We also have public officials making it difficult for them to survive on our streets.They are also against God and everything that has to do with religion and it's teachings. It is these people to who I refer to.These are people who feel invulnerable to becoming homeless. People live with a false sense of security which just does not exist.
If you don't want people to try to help themselves, seeing that government funds do not give them enough to rent a room somewhere, then help to find a solution to help at least some of them.
Organize something where they can be safe and warm even if it is outside the country for a little while.Learn from the
We vote for people to find answers to problems. They run just to get pensions today with no intention of helping anyone but themselves.
If a person cannot contribute answers to problems, people should not vote for them.They spend 4 years windbagging about problems society already knows it has but offer nothing to fix them.