Tuesday, December 8, 2009


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My Husband loves his oxtail soup and his vine leaves.God forbid anyone touches his pots. He hugs them and keeps them close.No one else gets a chance to eat his favorite meals. Its funny. (He's joking of course).

So I made up this song for him to the

Honey in the morning Honey in the evening Honey at supper time.

You’re my little honey and I love you all the time. tune.

Remember that song.?

Well I sing:

Soupa in the morning soupa in the evening Soupa at supper time

I just love my soup and I hug the pot all the time

I put my arms around it and smell it till I die

I will eat this soup forever till the end of time

Soupa in the morning soupa in the evening soupa at supper time

I will eat this soup forever cause the smell is very fine.


My hubby liked this song and we sang it together this morning loll

That’s our personal special song.:)


Nessa said...

Romance is not dead.

Yes, We Have No Bananas

A Lady's Life said...

Ya except the soup pot took over the honey pot lol

GMG said...

Sometimes soup isn't that bad and honey glues... ;)

alady's life said...

GMG Ya but isn't being stuck on someone fun??? lol