Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Do I Make You Crazy?

MAYBE I’M CRAZY ........... about you.

We had a street full of fun neighbors. It was like a big family

Every one visited each other in their pyjamas.

If your light was on at 2 a m and they couldn’t sleep, we’d hear a knock on the door or

in the morning for break fast, some one would always pop in to share a coffee by the pool

Sometimes you’d wake up and look outside to see your neighbor cleaning your pool giving you hell for not cleaning it on time lol

6 am??????

It was great. This was about the same time when I was at my brattiest, monkeying around, doing things others would die of shame.

Like the time I brought a chair and sat in the middle of the street in front of my friend's house with some kids.

We clowned around, hooted and hollered with balloons, bells and whistles and party hats, dressed as clowns,

doing the splits and hoola hoop, singing Happy Birthday etc…. when we saw her husband come home from work.

It was a birthday he will never forget.

We did it for half an hour before we left, totally embarrassing him.

Then the time at school when the principal was giving a speech and saying something like, well you know,,, it’s like,

You will never kiss the person next to you. It’s just socially not done.

I stood up and said never say never.

Nothing wrong with that and chomped a biggy on my friend’s cheek.

She blushed from ear to ear holding her purse tight and all the parents burst out laughing.

We sure dumfounded the principal. He didn’t know what to say then.

I blew his speech right out the window, brazen woman that I was.


I asked other people around “Who else wants one?” and they all laughed and clapped their hands.

Inside I kept hoping he was right and that I wouldn’t get in too deep with this one. Loll

Kissing my friend was easy. Loll Watching her blush was even more fun than watching the Principal swearing under his breath lol

But it sure was a needed gafaw to make people laugh, with all of life’s pressures.

Lots has changed since then but not life’s pressures.
We just keep carrying them around on our backs and they keep getting heavier.

We had this tiny man walking this huge BULL MASTIFF by our house every day.

The dog was a horse and wore a Captain’s hat.

I have never seen one like it since. The leg of this dog, above the ankle, must have been at least 4 inches across.

The head was the size of a small horse except it was round and wide.

I thought if he ever chomped on someone, it definitely would be the end.

I said to the guy:" Gosh, you can ride him. What happens if he sees a cat or something?"

He said not this dog. He is perfectly trained.

Too bad he didn’t have a bag to collect what the dog was not trained for lol.

We had a great street where nothing was impossible to see or to do

Halloween was a lot of fun. I dressed up like a humped witch and we acted out the Hansel and Gretel story one year, on the front lawn,

making kids afraid to be cooked and made into pudding.

We had a cauldron full and I told them this is what they will become if they stepped into my house for candy. Loll

Another time I dressed up as an angry witch with a Disney land shot gun scaring not only the kids but the parents as well.Being yelled at by a person in a mask can be scary not to mention hard to repeat all night.

When some one would come up my walk I’d run out screaming, asking why they came here, to steal my candy? and then forgiving them and giving them their treats.

They had to be brave and dig for it in my pocket while snakes came out from behind my collar.

Every one told every one they met, to go to this house. Loll

My oldest walked in front of the house very slowly like the grim reaper for effect.

Going crazy sometimes is a lot of fun especially if you have a good group to go crazy with. Loll

You make lots of good memories not only for yourself but for all the people living around you

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy


Nessa said...

Um, raging monkeys with two headed axes dressed as clowns are scary.

Silly Haiku

alady's life said...

lol yup
has an affect for sure lol
and he's probably the nicest pet any one could ever have. lol

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