Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The World of Dr Doo Little

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Dr Doo Little would have a fascinating time listening to the stories these
 horses would tell him.
These boys and girls work for a  living and summer might be
full of riders but winters are a bit thin since people get busy.

But Teresa is a wonderful person who loves them all and teaches
youngsters all about taking care of horses and makes sure you try riding them all
so you see that horses are all different with their own characters and feelings,
 just like people.

In the end you love them all, as you become a part of their lives.
They see you coming and all the ears prick up with interest to see what
it is you are carrying in your hands. Carrots? Apples?

What! What! Show us! Tell us! and they herd toward you, patiently,
obediently waiting in anticipation. From the other corrals you hear the
neighs. Hey! What about us? Are you forgetting us? Aren't you coming here?

An overwhelming feeling of love overcomes you as these gentle beasts
munch on their gifts while you put your arms around their necks to give them a big hug.

Come on . We'll even roll over for you.

Talking to the regular riders, who can't help but come back, you hear about the competitions and
 barrel races the kids do and dress up games and parades.
These horses sure love all the fuss and games around them.
Better than standing around being bored.

Action is what they like. They are just as curious about people as people are about them.
And even the poop is not offensive.

Here is a clip I think every one will enjoy because it applies to both animals and people who
learn about what it means to be a team.   Inches



Gattina said...

I wish I was Mrs Doolittle and could understand what my cats are talking about the whole day !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina So would I lol
I think one day animals will be able to talk. They get smarter and smarter all the time.