Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I Followed All The Rules.

Isn't this the way of life ?

 People love rebels. Rebels catch the spirit in one, that is alive and free.
Rebels taste life raw and fierce, fall hard and suffer to survive or die legends.
 They touch the heart of all who love them for the suffering they carry deep inside.

Another stays home and digs in and is never  noticed, living the status quo.
 The adventure, for most people, lies not in fighting  bears and creating tribulations in life .
The adventure lies in the growth of crops and the keeping of the hearth alive to nurture
 what is loved most.... family.
To feel un loved, for following all the rules, is a painful burden to bear.

The guilty always try to corrupt the good and the innocent.
It's not easy for the guilty, who see the light and try to step out of the picture either.
Once evil runs loose, it's hard to rein it in and can become quite ugly.

I thought this clip was a very important part of the movie, "Legends of the Fall".
But then there were so many meaningful parts and you spent a lot of time weeping.
All the actors played their parts soooo well.
You couldn't help but suffer with them.
A good cry cleanses the soul as they say, even if it is only a movie.

The title alone is very meaningful as  life quickly becomes a legend. This is what makes the old world
so attractive to people. When you walk there, you can't help but feel the heaviness of history in the air.

Samuel was said to be the best of all of them. He was innocent and idealistic.
 The good die young.
 Tristan, had to hide and lived a long life, never sparing himself or hiding from death.
He finally met his bear again and died a good death
according to the Indian way.

 Alfred reconciled with His Father. He finally understood the lesson his father tried to teach him
about the hypocrisy of the men who ruled nations.
He was left to take care of Tristans' children  and I guess, teach them to still follow the rules,
but not be blind sighted.

Great movie.


Margie said...

Loved that movie.
Nice writing about it.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Margie There is just so much to be learned from it.You can watch it many times over.

M. J. Joachim said...

Agreed, this is a really good movie!

A Lady's Life said...

Joachim some movies you don't mind watching many times and this is one of them.