Monday, October 28, 2013

Discourse on Inequality.

I pulled this book out cause I found it to be a very good book
and still applies to todays' world.
In it, Rousseau explains how primitive man is equal to todays' man
because he is independent of him.
Our society is not independent .
 We can't survive without society
or without classes still distinguished in wealth power and social privilege.
No government has found a way to eliminate a class system.
Since the powers that be are not perfect, man becomes impoverished
and loses in areas of peace and justice.

A primitive independent man can find peace and justice and will not be impoverished
if left to his instincts to survival. You can see this in gorilla families. If they are left alone,
they are happy just to be.

I guess this is why I always say to keep jobs and family close
so you have some control over your life, living independently in a civilized society.

Take for example Obama care. It is first of all the wrong time to bring it in when the US is broke.
The biggy lies with population growth. The US has so many illegals and poverty and lack of jobs and job security and of course all this drug and alcohol problem. There will be a more than normal demand for healthcare no one can afford.

What I found with these programs and even with Insurances like dental care, is that prices go up.
As soon as they know you are covered they jack up the prices.
Instead of charging 50 dollars to pull a tooth they charge 350.00
You don't win.
People never win.
There is always someone to destroy a good idea.

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