Thursday, October 3, 2013

Free Thinkers

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Freedom is a base desire. I think if there was one thing more important
than anything else in life , it would be freedom.

Freedom is basically what the Christian religion is all about.
There are no sticks or stones here because Christians
feel it is not God that has to chase you, it is you that has to chase God.

Churches do not run after patrons because nothing is worse than to be infiltrated
by evil who hates you and doesn't understand God and wants him destroyed.

God is not a piece of flesh but he is in every piece of flesh as he is in everything we see touch
feel taste and hear.
God has no face, he takes no sides but he sent us a message in the 10 Commandments.
He sent us his son who man crucified and who we now feel guilty about and try to disprove
that he actually was dead and /or that his body was stolen, or that this whole thing is a lie.

The thing is, it is all irrelevant. God can take any shape or form. He could have been in Jesus
and thus Jesus could have been God. God can be in you or if you throw him out, another angel could enter
and fill your head and spirit with lies and numbers.
Why lies? Because there is only one truth and man kind hates it.

Man kind hates truth because man in not perfect.He is a selfish entity wanting what he wants without caring of anothers' pain and suffering. So he changes laws to suit himself through making excuses for his behavior.
Man says everything is ok.
He laughs saying god will judge me. Well as God would have it, we will all be our own judges.
We will have to one day face the cold truth about ourselves.

 As time passes there is more to learn and babies have more to catch up on as they are always born empty headed.
We don't think the same, act the same, eat the same,play the same, feel the same, see the same etc.....
because of our experiences and how we  were brought up but truth, like God, never changes.
It IS even if you do not know it.

The Bible is a book written by man. It is a set of stories people read to learn, remember a moment in time,
when times were good and when times were not so good. See mistakes being made and mistakes
corrected. It's a good book every one should read with no threats of punishment.

This is why Jesus was a shepherd and not a warrior. The purpose of this book is to guide.
The essence of the book is the 10 Commandments because through them one sees the light and the direction
or path one must stay on. Where our laws fail us, the 10 Commandments never do.
 They never change.
If the 10 Commandments were a science, they would be true laws.

These laws force no one to stay on the path because one has to understand them to be the truth.
Nothing is worse than following a path you have no faith in, fear,or be brain washed into.
The Christian God understands this is the only way to fix mans' flaw. For man to understand, he has to be let go, freed.... so he can learn, come to his own conclusions and then finally understand what this God thing is all about.

It's a dangerous time for man because of all the pressure groups trying to dissuade him from believing.
So we see anger, hate, tattoos, piercings, self mutilation so as to feel, bad language, new beliefs emerging
like goths, vampires, etc.....People searching for the self to be happy, not seeing they are running away from the self into something other, and there is no happiness to be found there either.

False Gods, false angels, false prophets all wanting for something, but we are promised that in the end, regardless of what happens,
God will win(not man necessarily) because there is only one truth. God has no other interests except truth and truth is what IS.
So you can rely on God not being one to be corrupted.

Kids being raised with no religion, are lost. They have to study philosophy or find some other way, through some other study like astronomy or physics or biology... to find their way back into believing.
Others are brain washed into believing so they can be controlled by a dictator through fear.
They say you have to kill every one who disbelieves, the way they are told to believe.

But in reality God makes no such demands. If he wanted to, he could enlighten us all tomorrow to become devout believers but this is not what he wants.

He wants us to understand though our own obeservations and learning because he saw what Adam and Eve
It's like studying. You could memorise 1 plus 1 equals 2 or you can understand it.
If you memorise it, it has no meaning and tomorrow someone will come and lie to you and say no
it's not 2 its 5 and you will believe it.But if you understand 1 plus one is 2 then this is for ever.
You may forget but it will always come back to you cause you will be able to think things through.

God is an entity of intelligence beyond mans' reach unless he wants to touch you. He tries not to interfere
because he wants man to touch upon him. To understand.
He made it simple with the 10 Commandments.

These laws are the only positive laws you will find in life and to seek answers elsewhere is just
to get lost in the jungle.
Not many have brains powerful enough today to see through things because this requires tons of reading and educating and not many do this today. High schools and colleges are more into technologies than education today.
Today man is busy hootin and hollerin , smoking pot and obsessed with sex. It's fun that hurts in the end,
because much valued time is lost and its hard to recover from it, so many never do.
Growing up into an adult is more than just how old you are. It's a time to learn problem solving and if you don't learn how to do this then problems never go away, you never mature and you never grow intellectually strong.
We see this in the Dorian Grey story.

Some learn  through the sciences, they find the way and some through sciences, are also lost because they work for the wrong angels and numbers.

But if we have faith, in the end it will be Gods' will because he is the only truth.

God is a free thinker. He would have to be to to create other creatures and beings and man today is headed towards this end as well. As he proceeds forward, man will understand better the situation God finds himself in because the creatures/ and robots, he creates will rebel to obtain free will.
They will either have to be destroyed or allowed to live and grow and see what happens.

The only way to reach them then,is to supply them with truth and leave it up to them to decide to either accept it or self destruct.

We need to have faith, that in the end, we become the intelligent beings we were created to be, by trusting in the 10 Commandments and what they stand for.
Sorry about repeating all this all the time but some people don't seem to understand and think its all about books and what is written in them. Books are stories written by man.
The 10 Commandments were written in stone to stop mans inhumanity to man.
The family comes first because from that, everything else that's good happens.
Take care of your own home, before taking care of some one elses.

In the meantime enjoy Yugoslav N. Volkoff from WWE  = Cara Mia. These guys are always so funny to watch.
No intellect here Just plain muscle and big talk.



Sandy Carlson said...

Interesting thoughts! I never saw Christianity in this way. Thanks for your insights. You have me thinking.

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy I find that today people have to talk. We forget why Christianity began in the first place.We only see the blood spilt after it because we never read the books about what was going on before it.
Christianity opens doors to free thinking so those who are very much behind, can catch up if they wanted to.But even liberalism has limits.
The 10 commandments tells you to stop and not be swayed as Eve was.
There are lines which should never be crossed and ignoring them will not solve anything but create more problems.