Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Hero Cucaracha

If you like spanish music here is one song I always loved.I remember going to Miami once
and I saw this huge insect on a palm tree It was golden and beautiful and about 2 inches
long. I asked the waiter what that insect was and he looked at me and said with raised eyebrows:
That's a cockroach. I had never seen a cockroach before and so this impressed me.

Air supply will be in Vancouver soon.

I don't like huge crowds or I'd go and see them. They sang nice songs compared to today.
These rappers killed good music, especially good black soul music.

 As soon as they open their mouths I get a head ache and feel like stuffing a sock down their throat.
Terrible to have to sit through a red light with the car next door booming this horrible stuff.
Since when are men so loud mouthed anyway?
I think the old guys would not be too impressed with these new guys.  Such a shame.
None of them beats Nat King Cole, Little Ritchie, Diana Ross, Tina Turner, to name a few.

I guess that's what you get when you push speed reading.
 It's bad enough kids don't understand what they are reading
but now we don't either lol


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