Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Anal Gland Problem.

This is a good picture of what my little dog had.
I never heard of anal gland problem but apparently its common in dogs.

 Well this one seemed to swell over night and burst requiring a lot of painful surgery.
 I have been nursing my dog ever since. She was a very bad patient at the vets.
 A real soldier gone to battle. Came home scared and traumatized.
Her cage read "she bites".

She was never away from home, let alone handled by strangers and then to wear that collar.....
I left her alone till the meds kicked in and her temperature dropped. She was so happy to come home.
When my husband came to get her she jumped out of the cage into his arms.
The vet smiled and my husband was so touched our dogs love him. I think this is the first time he has a connection with our dogs because they pester him to play and for food and he likes that.

Tanya seemed to like it by the door where it was cool.
 Now she just looks to be hugged and loved.
I took that darn collar off and
she slept cheek to cheek with me all night.
 What love birds we were. lol

When she tries going for her stitches I say no and she looks at me and sighs.
 That's why I love this dog.
 She is 8 years old maybe 9 now and she behaves like a human.
I would really hate to lose her. When they tried to shave the area, she was not under.
 I don't know if they even put her under. Anyway they tore out a bit of fur which clung to the side of her body.

I cut it off when I saw the raw skin. She really needs a bath now and I am trying to think how to do this without wetting her bum.
She goes to the bathroom easy enough although before she pooped, there was some blood .
I hope one of her stitches didn't break. Last thing she needs is more trauma. Every time she thinks some one is going to do something, she shakes.
She looks to me to hide and protect her more than ever now.
Now I'm the good guy :)

 I don't go to the vet as I don't want to be seen as the bad guy. I'm already the bad guy saying NO.

 My son brought us a Shiranian pup to visit and"BABYSIT" and he was hopping non stop.
So much energy.
 It took us a while to calm him down by feeding and giving water and taking out to pee.

Tanya was watching him to make sure he didn't get close. Beau sneaks in quietly, takes a look and goes outside the bedroom. He knows something is up and is real lonely. Dogs understand everything.

 I still think Sichons are the best little dogs in the world after seeing that Shiranian so wiggly and
Our pup was never like that.These dogs do need a lot of affection and love. It's not for nothing they call them little lion lap dogs. People are throwing away so many old dogs right now. People die and leave their dogs behind. If you go on kijiji
in your area you could probably get one for company or as an alert dog if anyone is around your house.
That's what I keep mine for. No surprises around here. This is why when I watch movies where burglars trip alarm systems, I say to myself, try that with a dog inside, esp one that can push a button for the police.

I hope the picture didn't freak you out. I just never saw anything like it. If I had known, I would have taken her in the night before and maybe saved her and myself all this agony.
How do animals survive in the wild with this sort of thing happening to them?


Lorna said...

Poor thing. But I'm glad she has you to take such loving care of her. Hope she mends fast.

Gigi Ann said...

Poor baby. I hope she is feeling much better. I agree that dogs are smart. Actually, I always tell everyone having a dog is like having a 2 or 3 year old living with you, except you can leave the dog home alone. ; )

We have a toy poodle, (13 yrs. old) He hates going to the vet. One visit two pit bulls were right before him, not a sound out of the pit bull dogs. However, when it was Joey's turn, he threw a fit. The nurse puts on a glove that goes all the way up to her elbow.

Each time Joey gets groomed the groomer pinches out the gook in his anal glands, otherwise Joey would start to stink. It's just a lousy necessary thing he has to go through every 6 weeks to 2 months.

A Lady's Life said...

I hope so too Lorna but she might need to be operated on again shortly.
She has a small lump by one of her nipples.
I don't think its anything serious but it will need to come out.
They say its also normal in dogs.
The 6 mo shiranian has a hernia on the chest bone.It must have come out yesterday or today.
You can see by the dogs that something is not right. The vets office is full of emergency procedures and they are open all night. I don't remember so many sick dogs when we were growing up. They got sick when thy were old and then died at home of natural causes.
Our dogs were fed people food and these dogs today are all on pet food.My little dog likes chicken which is full of hormones. So now she has a growth. I remember I had laying hens and one of them also got a cancer on her head.They were not that old either.

A Lady's Life said...

Gigi I learned this now but I never heard of such a thing.
I had so many dogs and none of them needed to have this done to them.
Now I have to watch since she has this problem.I hope the vet took that gland out.
One would think with the dogs sitting on there haunches they would naturally push it out and that it would not get clogged.
One lady wrote her dogs had mites or something and she needed expensive medicine for the dog.
We had one pup we found on the street, infested with ticks, especially the ears. We took it to the ocean and they just
all came off by themselves. Nothing better than salt water.
Then I'd put cow brand on the fur and we never had another problem.

Russell said...

Sorry to hear about your dog but glad she is doing better. Sounds like you are lucky to have her and vice versa.

When I had my dog, Bailey, I remember times when I took him to the vet. Smiled at your comment that your dog's cage said "she bites" - heh! Good for her!

Hope she is better soon.

Take care.

A Lady's Life said...

Russell Tanya is my love. She doesn't like to have nails or hair clipped so it has to be done quietly in short spurts when ever I can.She allows me to cut by her eyes which is a big deal.

I love dogs that look into your eyes.She looks into mine all the time. Sometimes she behaves like I'm her baby and licks my face till I smell like dog. lol

That's the first thing I noticed about the Shiranian is that he has a very short attention span.He's a wiggly wonder.Boingy boingy boingy. Never stops.
When my husband took him outside to pee, he also took a great leap and ran up my body to my face to give me so many kisses.
How can you not love these little guys. They always make you feel special.