Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Weak the Strong and the Powerful.

Mahatma Ghandi -

The weak never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

Sounds familiar. It goes along with trying to be good.
 It's hard to be good compared to being bratty and sinful. lol
Takes strong people to be able to say no.
Maturity and understanding develops the sense of NO.

My cousin raises orchids and because of her I took another look at them.
 I believed they only flowered every 5 years but apparently they don't and
you can separate the roots at a certain time of year and
propagate them at home.

 I pass by  orchids many times and find such a wide and
beautiful variety of them.
They seem timeless flowers and yet delicately firm.
 Utter perfection when it comes to flowers.

In some countries you find them growing in every home and put
under trees with rice
 as offerings to the spirits.
Such a lovely gesture to show respect to the unknown, the unprovable,
and yet undeniable.

I am so tempted to try raising them now myself.
I have so much in this world that tempts me and find it hard to
 hold back lol

So much beauty in God's world.
I tried finding rooting powder the other day and it
 disappeared from the store shelves.
I put mine somewhere where it would be easy to find.
 I should never do that cause then I can never find it. lol

Orchids I'll classify as Weak Strong and Powerful.
A perfect flower for that special woman.
A healing flower to give to the ailing.
An inspiring flower for those who need a boost
 but don't like coffee. lol



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