Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Battle Cry For Freedom

This was and still is a very inspiring song written during the American Civil Rights movement.
People wanted equality and freedom more than anything else and this song isstill used in other countries fighting for their rights to be free, to live without fear of tyranny.

Freedom was not an easy thing to get back then. It is not an easy thing to obtain today either.

It was fought for and earned through the tears, blood and suffering of both young and old.

Today they use the argument and fear, that people need dictators or fall into anarchy.

What they do not tell people is that freedom does not mean anarchy.
It means to be free to learn about things from all around the world.
It means not being afraid of things and people we know nothing about.
It means to drop the shackles which keep us bound to the ground so we can finally see the true light and stop living in darkness.

Anarchy happens when people are poor and live in fear until one day a straw falls and breaks the camels back.
Why is freedom ok for dictators and not for the people?
Why should a man like Stalin or Hitler or the leaders in Arab lands, enjoy freedom at the expense of the people?
We take freedom for granted these days. We forget the men who give up their lives every day
to ensure we keep it.
We must defend our countries so these men have one to come home to, to enjoy freedom
away from rules and boundaries and death they sit with in their regiments.

They need to come home to sunshine and love so they can mourn their lost comrades
and heal the wounds no one can see.

The Battle Cry of Freedom has many meanings, both good and bad, to many people
but through it we are able to learn and self educate to decide for ourselves what is meaningful
in life.
Through it we can fight for justice, agree to disagree without fear, and learn survival skills
we would otherwise never know.

Laws can never replace understanding something to be true.
You can order law but unless it is understood, people will never obey.

We want a world where people obey through free will because they understand this is the right thing to do.
People being free and yet knowing how to make good judgement decisions so laws
are not required anymore.

To obtain such a country and such a world, people must understand to live clean lives.
They must have clear brains to think with, clear eyes to see with, and must learn diplomacy
to buy time to learn.
Life is about growth and learning and not stagnating oneself because choices are limited.

Today with internet, many doors are open to many people to see the world outside
and such things became possible only because people were and are free to explore
and build their minds to reach the impossible.

In Gods' Eye,s men are born free and  equal.
We are here to learn to do good, to show mercy especially to the weak, to love ones' enemies.

All what is going on in the world today is against God whose name is used in vain.
God has become a meaningless word because people do not understand that God doesn't care about man's laws or borders or what kind of clothes he wears or how many times he bangs his head on the ground in prayer.

He cares about how man lives through mercy, love, sharing, beauty.
He wants to see his planet blooming with plants and animals and nature at it's best. Clean water, fresh air for all men.
 Why can't we learn to live this way?

Freedom allows for good things to happen because God saw something in man we don't seem to see.
He saw goodness. In goodness we can find hope.
In hope we can search and find other things like love between man and man.
In the end it is between God and each man so why in life can it not be between a man and a man.
We were on the right road with words like honor, respect and dignity.
In small baby steps we can learn trust and love if we have the freedom to try.

Battle Cry For Freedom.
Very inspirational.


Akelamalu said...

Freedom will always be worth fighting for.

A Lady's Life said...

And we should never forget those who died for us to have them.