Saturday, May 25, 2013

Funny Donkey to Enlighten Memorial Day Week end.

I thought this was a funny song to enjoy.

Happy Memorial Day Week End America!!

The battle continues for freedom but the battle should also include
a battle for an understanding God, leaving judgement in his hands alone.

No man walks in another mans' shoes or knows his/ her soul like God does.
As God showed mercy to Adam and Eve he must have understood something more
about evil, than man does.

Once religion opens doors to politics inside Gods' house, it ceases to be
Gods' House responsible for teaching peace and love by the leaders of that house,
 and instead turns in to a political entity.
If the political entity promotes hates and killing of innocent victims, in any land of peace,
 then it should become an outlawed organization.

God never promotes violence of any kind and man is not his arm to kill or oppress
other people.
In Eden man was born naked and walked naked. Sin lies not in the nakedness, as it is in the minds of those who see it.
Free countries see no sin in nakedness.
Freedom is the reason God set man free and if you go against Gods' will, then you are falsely
representing him.

Hope you enjoy the video


George said...

Thanks for sharing this cute video with us. Thanks, too, for your wise words.

A Lady's Life said...

Welcome George. Always have to put my two cents worth in lol