Saturday, May 11, 2013

Robin Hood Society

Newspapers never fail to amuse me.
Sometimes I wonder why the editor, allows reporters to
write what they write and print the article.
Where is the rationale and the common sense Voltaire was talking about?

Take taxes for instance.
Some may like them cause they say they pay for infrastructure and health care.
Others like myself, don't like them.

I think people who pay taxes are putting money into an ever growing black hole
which will have nothing but more demands to put more into it.
When we first started paying taxes, we were told it was only to be for a short period of time.
If I am not mistaken, this agreement between the people and the government re taxes,
was an oral contract. lol

Same with real estate. If  government doesn't put a ceiling on the housing market,
pretty soon no one will be able to afford homes and the big banks will own everything
and every one. They will be the Sherriffs who will ride around looking to buy out what's left out there so they can own it all.So laws will be there but not for the little man who tel tell to move on.
In the mean time they create mortgages to make sure no one can pay it off.

Look at the gas and electric companies and how they suck you in. They tell you we will put pipe lines to your homes and gas is cheap. Electricity says the same things.
Then they come and say we have to raise the gas prices cause we spent all our money.
So now gas is not cheap but you are stuck with it.
Same with electricity. lol
 They say conserve water, Then they say Oh we didn't make money cause you conserved too well so you have to pay more.

I am a person who believes in the small business man and private enterprise because you have something you can hold accountable and responsible. I am not including those who live outside the country. You have to live here to work here. If you invest here you can lose you investment for bad behavior.So....
From these you can expect good value.
If every city was responsible for its own water, hydro and gas and infrastructure, it would be much better.
Keeping things small is always better, especially for the little man.

What is going on in the world today, is that we are electing governments who have no control over our countries. Short of nationalizing everything, they can't do a thing about corporate crime.
When it comes to Health care, well it is another system like every other system.They balloon.
Systems hold no one accountable. You can't sue the government.
It's a black hole you pour money into and just keeps getting larger because there is nothing to hold
it in check  or balance it.
Systems were not  designed to balloon into big things.
They are designed to keep things small so they can be controlled and effcient.
Nothing worse than to be told doing things twice costs less than doing it right the first time.

Health care can't be controlled any more than the behavior of people.
The social system  says well, we are not perfect.No one is. Yet some nations do run efficient systems.
Ours say, we cannot judge how a man lives, so they open doors.Other systems say, we can't afford bad behavior and do something about it,considering human rights, making it so there is less sickness and crime.

At first a trickle expense comes in because man had religion to hold him back and therefore
a conscience, and less immigration of sick people. Today we have expensive floods because no one cares except about number one. Why should I take care of myself when the government will fix me.
They won't let me die. This is the wrong way to think.

When no one cares society gets sicker. Hospitals look for ways and reasons to let people go rather than cure them. Government now becomes a bad government because it can't supply the money.

 Like in Canada. First thing, they blame Harper for spending on airplanes instead of health care. Then if a bad thing happens, he'll get blamed for not seeing ahead what can happen.

 Health care used to be free because government could afford it
Today we have to pay for it and there is still not enough money and demands keep getting larger.

People fight against bringing in jobs, but tax demands keep getting higher and people don't want to pay for those either.
What for? To build bridges that will fall down? Roads that will never be smooth?
Health care people take for granted just to go out and live destructive lifestyles again?
Education controlled by those who have no rights to our public  tax paid institutions?
Good religions which are dying because they are invaded by people who should not be there?

Every one is looking for something for nothing.
Yup they say this is a great place to live. Lots of suckers here willing to dish out.
Comon in folks.
This is how the world views our countries.
Are we seen as good countries?
 No. We are hated by the world.

We are hated for our ideas and for teaching people they have rights, because the truth is,
no one has rights. What we have is privilege and privilege is seen as decadence and evil in other countries.
We don't understand this because we see it as good vs evil.
To live in privilege is to live in a caste class.
So nothing really changed except that we are told it did.

And the demands keep getting higher. Now we have International responsibilities.
Wars, hunger and poverty and religious battles.
We have Putin trying to bring back Stalinism sending signals that it is ok to kill.
Stalin did.  Thousands of people.

So our taxes and our good will towards man, is not working because man just makes more demands or is using our good will for personal financial gain and it costs us a lot of police work to keep tabs on them.
Mean while the middle class people are getting poorer. Families destroyed because there is no money to keep it together
and old people with no place to live, because they have no families.
Paying 4000 a month for a room, is just not acceptable.

So paying taxes into the social system sounds good but I feel my money is better spent in my own pocket.
If I have it, I spend it on my needs.
 If I don't, don't tell me to build a credit line so I can look like a better man.
I am a better man, when I work hard,  pay cash and keep every one out of my business.
And if I need help I'll ask for it from the charitable organizations I supported in my life time.

If I have a personal problem I can seek help through private organizations with people
willing to help out people in need as we have today in Africa.
We have things like the Salvation Army, The Wish Foundation, Church groups who should be getting money to help people and not build fancy buildings.

Teachers and special educators who have some extra time to donate to help kids in need.
Parents who should think about making their body a temple knowing they will have children.
A child should not be in a dying womb, of a self destructive woman.
In cases such as these there is a clear line every one can see between right and wrong.

People who have too many things can recycle them and they will be valued in society rather than thrown into garbage dumps. It costs a fortune to throw things away today and when you visit the dumps and see what people throw away, it breaks your heart cause they can be used by people who have nothing.
Today people who have nothing, refuse used things. lol
Recycling toasters rather than throwing them away and buying more chinese junk which break after two uses.
There is no point to save our land and keep it clean if foreigners come and buy it out and send us into dirty lands to work to make money. What did we accomplish and for who?
We pay taxes for improvements to lose everything, to foreigners who come in and push us out.

And taxes, to cover all this decadence and waste, keep getting higher.

No. We are on the wrong track here.
Lower the taxes. Stop huge corporations and banks from controlling your life.
Tell your government to say no to drugs and abuse of systems.Keep jobs local, secure and tax foreign companies so they leave.
Live owing no one anything.

Robin Hood had a message to send to large corporations.
You we rob back.
Except one goes to bed with a full stomach getting what he doesn't deserve and the other
pays and gets nothing he works for and deserves to have.
Explain how a bank CEO, working 9-4 with housing, car and travel expenses included in his
salary, deserves 7 million dollars while the customer has to pay bank fees over and above all the money they are making on having you as a customer collectively? Is he being paid for bright ideas to rob the customer?

It's called freedom when you don't owe anyone money.If the population owes money, then it is not free.
It's hard either way. But at least keeping things small, you hire local people, eat local food, drink local water, heat with local energy, drive with local gas, recycling local garbage,keep terrorism at bay by knowing the people you deal with every day and who are stable and dug in, while keeping control at the local level, which keep taxes low.

The only place you spend is on your national defense so the outside world doesn't help itself to everything,simply because they want it. Then when you do good, countries will like you.

Now that's called freedom.

Then our Conservative Government also becomes good because it's easier to govern with privatization and do good and they always can step in and nationalize the interests we don't like.

Small systems are easier to keep clean, and  run cheaper  under private ownership facing competition
It worked before when a system was kept small. Now every one buys every one out so they control everything and no one controls the unleashed animal it becomes .



Sandy Carlson said...

You raise many good questions.

Anonymous said...

Life here in the States is not any different. I used to have a professor telling us the barbarians were at the gate, I feel now that they have moved in, no one wants to look back at history and we are just repeating it, like the fall of the roman empire..

Annie v.

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy - people have to stop and think.

A Lady's Life said...

Annie - I agree They teach them sex but no history and it is happening under our noses and no one sees it.
Systems were meant to be kept small.
and if you want good business keep it small as well.Then life will be cheaper and therefore so will be the taxes.

Magia da Inês said...


Bom domingo!
Feliz Dia das Mães!


A Lady's Life said...

Thank you Magia and Happy Mothers Day to you too.

Diane Tolley said...

It sounds like we are heading back to a feudal system. That would be fun. Not. Interesting article. Well done!!!

A Lady's Life said...

Pretty sad Diane. Our kids today get instruction but not education.