Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Seems there is no letting up from storms.
The devastation in Oklahoma is terrifying!!
Where do you hide from winds like this?

Seems cities have to be built with 500km winds in mind as well as

We are also over due for the big earthquake here in BC and it's just horrifying to even think about.
Nothing matters except escape and safety.
From the looks of it, we are expecting it from beyond Vancouver Island but it might happen from the interior
and everything caving in or caving up,  until Princeton, which will become the new Cali shoreline.
Nothing is impossible.
We are all sitting ducks praying for Gods' Mercy.

My son came home early yesterday. He did not stay for the last game which began in the afternoon.
It's a five hour trip home from Penticton, and he came home extremely tired and burnt from the sun.
With having to go to work today, it was not a good idea to come home at midnight after such an exciting
3 days.
The cars' immobilizer was also acting up because the battery in the clicker drained.
Seems all the stores are out of batteries. Probably every one is changing right now.
Hopefully they will find one today.
It lasted a long time since 2004.
The computerized cars today are a pain in the ass.
Nothing better than an old fashioned car you can repair yourself.
As it is when our door stuck, every mechanic wanted to break the door to open it at a huge cost to the customer.
My husband took time and opened it himself . Now it just needs another gadget to replace and it will work like new and no harm done. Today you always need two cars it seems because fixing the broken one, either costs through the nose or doing it yourself takes a lot of time.
Goes to show what kind of mechanics we have to day and we went to many to get the same story told us.
Not one wanted to take the time to do a proper job.
They figured they work by the hour and it would cost a grand of labor costs so why not just trash the door.
But another door means the car doesn't have original parts any more, which means the price drops if you need to resell it.
If it happens to a new car, it's bad news for the owner.
The weatherman says rain this week. We were told it was supposed to be a nice week end but no such luck here by the coast line.
I told my husband to put the heat back on to warm up the place and get the dampness out of the air.

This week end was the week end we got married, what seems to be ages ago, and I remember it was sooo hot, people were fainting at church.
Not so today.
Today we are still in sweaters and fleecy pants looking for reasons to take them off.
Of course the weather is hot one second and then turns cold for the rest of the day like a spoiled, cranky child, not knowing what it wants.
So what did one twister say to the other??

Comon let's twist again, like we did last summer.
Comon let's twist again like we did last year.
Let's twist till we bring the house down.

Chubby Checkers folks.



Mama Zen said...

The only place to hide from a tornado like that is underground. Either that, or get out of its way.

A Lady's Life said...

Most homes Mama Zen, are not equipped with rooms to hide in.
Would be nice maybe to make a wine celler out of bricks in the basement.
One could store supplies there and water and maybe put in a bunk or two for such catastrophic events.I try to have earth quake supplies but with my family it never stays. One day something will happen and we will have nothing cause its too hard to prepare last minute.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi A Lady's Life .. absolutely .. I hope resilience will help all through their challenges .. Hilary

George said...

From the news reports I've seen almost everyone in Oklahoma is planning on staying and rebuilding. You can't help but admire people like that. I completely agree with you about cars. When I was growing up Dad could always fix our cars. I don't ever remember him taking a car to a mechanic. Those days are long gone.

A Lady's Life said...

Hillary - terrible thing to see. One never gets used to it.

A Lady's Life said...

George - From the economy point of view, rebuilding is good I suppose.
But they should consider more durable homes which can withstand such winds.

Well my husband is stubborn when it comes to cars.
He still has it in mind to fix the door properly so it works with the gadgets it's supposed to work with.
But it takes time to learn up on all these things.
Simple immobiliser batteries cost 7 dollars at Source and who knows how much if bought at the dealer.
There is just no excuse for such discrepancies in cost.

Akelamalu said...

My prayers are with Oklahoma and with you, be safe. x

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Akelamalu I hope every one stays safe. Don't like it when people get hurt.

Sandy Carlson said...

Sad times. People tried so hard in the fast of something so much larger than anything we can imagine.