Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Angelina Jolie Saga

The Jolie saga continues.
They say her Mom died of breast cancer and yet I read she died of ovarian cancer.
So we will never know the truth.

Angelina seems to be suffering from abandonment issues.
She led a life as if she wanted to die and now all of a sudden, she wants to live.
Suddenly she fears death and death can't be bought or sold or bargained with.

What would happen to her if Brad ever left her?
Would she survive, even with all her money and kids, living with the psychological,
 self destructive patterns, she developed in her life, before Brad?
It might not be cancer that takes her in the end but something else.

The thing about cancer, is that this devil of a disease, has survival skills and mutates.

We all have cancer.

We all have an immune system which fights it.

Anjis' anorexic look, makes it seem like her system would be too weak to fight  cancer.
She needs to eat to develop the right soldiers to fight for her life, not cut breasts off.

She is the type of person who survives on power and self control but death will
 not be thwarted when it comes to collect and the only one who can save her from death
 is God.

You can't cut cancer out. If it's there, it's everywhere.
That 5% can come out anywhere, at any time.
The only thing you can do is keep an eye out and pay attention to
 changes in your body and work from there.
With the pancreas you might not know till it's too late.
What will she do next, cut out her ovaries, lungs,colon, liver, pancreas?
What's next after that... her brain?
Preventative Cancer operations are not cures.

When death calls, she will die from something totally unrelated, like Diana did.
When it's your time, death will not ask you. It just comes and takes at will.
If anything, Joe Black taught this to the people he came for. lol

I knew people who spent their lives trying to live self destructive lives, to die,
 and never do, until they finally find a reason to want to live and then death
 It's as if what they were sent on this world to do
or to find out, came to a completion and it became time for them to move on to
the next level,
Saying good bye to this world.

It's like the man in WW2 who was the first to run to the bottom of bunkers to
 hide under the bed,when the siren blew and went insane when a bomb fell
 through all the way to the bottom and
 landed in front of his face, without exploding. It was a sign.
 It foretold that death can take you no matter what you do to try to escape it,
if it is your time. For the rest of his life, this man lived insane.

Cancer also has a tendency to skip a generation.So 85% could mean nothing.
So, unless she already had it.......
Furthermore, her kids would be more prone to it than she would be.
Being the crazy person she was and the crazy things she did, I would not be
 surprised she passed the crazy gene onto to her kids and infected even the
 adopted ones, with her fears.

If I were that worried about death, I would stop living it, working under stress and
 begin living making memories with my kids who need a loving  Mom at home and stability.
People with much less, do a lot more with their time on earth, with their kids.

Angelina cries every time she talks about her Mom.
It is definitely something that hurts her very much to this day.
Her Mom had her journey and she has hers.
They are two separate lives.
This personal journey she is taking right now, is not the journey other women
 should take because of her.
She is not one to teach, when she has still so much to learn.

Angelina seems to be at peace now with her family and Brad.
May she continue to live in peace and stop fearing death.

Life and death are two things money can't buy or sell.
You can't control, cut or will them out of your life.

We are all at the mercy of a greater power and only he can make a difference.



Gattina said...

It's her personal choice and I admire here courage. Some people fear to take a plane but have more chance to die when crossing a street ! Destiny has nothing to do with a personal choice. I wouldn't do that, but it's her and not me.
BTW I live in Belgium since I was 14, so of course I know the country from top to bottom and am rather Belgian, only in my passport I am still German. But I don't know Germany very well at all !

Akelamalu said...

I have to say I admire her courage and if I was told I carried the gene for breast cancer I would probably do the same. Some years ago I was told I needed a hysterectomy and although my ovaries and cervix were healthy I told the surgeon to take them too. Now I don't have to worry about cancer of the womb, ovarian or cervical cancer. I know I could quite easily develop some other form of cancer but I now I have 3 less types to worry about.

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - I agree but destiny does play a role.
Every one has their own personal journey and what is good for one is not good for the other.
By going public she went political.
Many young people will follow her example because she is their role model. This is not good.Angelina is known for desecrating her body.

A Lady's Life said...

Akelmalu - Her actions are a little drastic.
You don't begin cutting until you have a reason to cut.
Because something MIGHT happen doesn't mean it will.With the Pancreas you will never know.
So how many parts do you want to cut out? Cancer does not sit in one area.If you have , you have it.Leave one cell somewhere and it all begins again.
You can't live life being afraid of dying.
If it is your destiny to live you will. Gattina doesn't believe in destiny but I do.
I have seen and listened to many stories where people were supposed to die but live and you can only call it a miracle.Many people sit afraid to die, take very precaution and death strikes in spite of it all.
The most recent one was the
building collapse where after a week they found a woman still alive under all this cemented rubble.Where was it Bangladesh?

Akelamalu said...

I agree mostly with what you say LL I do bvelieve in fate, but removing the worry can be, for some people, a huge relief and allow them to live a little more stress free. In my own case I had to have a huge operation (hysterectomy) anyway, so to remove some other organs that I no longer needed (I had already gone through the menopause)at the same time seemed the logical thing to do.

A Lady's Life said...

Akelamalu of course.That was your decision and your journey in life and as you said, you were older and it didn't matter any more.You did what you had to do. May as well, since they were cutting you anyway.
But one person takes an educated decision while others just do it whether they need it or not.

People have the herd instinct. One star does it and then they all follow cause it's the in thing.

Then not everyone can afford Cali doctors. Some stories, even with breast reconstruction, are horrifying You never hear those stories.One thing if you need it but if you don't, jumping the gun is not always the best thing.

Akelamalu said...

I guess it's ean easier decision if you have lots of money like AJ and can afford the best eh?

A Lady's Life said...

Yes Akelamalu but also to keep your immune system strong is very important.I hate it when people depend on doctors and medicine instead of taking care of themselves.
These are last resorts to take.It should not be a lifestyle to live in a doctors' office.
We all have cancer.We can all die from it.I hate it when dentists now force kids to do xrays in the head area.Even for adults this is not good in spite of what they tell us.