Saturday, July 18, 2009

We Don't Really Change

If Julio isn't saying it all then who and what can.....??

Sharing a beer, on a hot summers day, with the only beloved soul mate you will ever have,
is nothing less than heaven. :)

So many years..... years, and neither of us....... have changed.
So many years, and it's like yesterday, when we shared an all dressed, naked pizza lol

Not just a summer romance. Not just a beer.

But life no one knows it.

The bad..........the good.........carried to the eternal.

Je N'ai Pas Change

Enjoy the song here

Julio - We Love You


Anonymous said...

Okay did you wake up dreaming of this dude? LOL. This morning I read Chubby Checkers all over from you and Baron LOL. I liked his other song better than this one :)

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I simply love it. Thanks for sharing. Reminds me of my birthday. I just had some dessert and a walk along the stoned path of Old Towne Alexandria. Only cost about $26 and it was in deed a great day!

Love and hugs

A Lady's Life said...

Do the things you love and love the things you do China :)

Thom love and the world is great and beautiful songs coming from beautiful people will always be enjoyed all over the world.
Je n'ai pas change means I haven't changed. The song is about a man who is still in love He says I am always a stranger who always romanced you I am always the crazy young man who loves and protects you and you havent changed either,,,,,,,,,,

Voegtli said...

In 1975, we lived in Mauritania. Julio Iglesias just "came up". And we bought all the music casettes of him. Over the years (and living in harsh weather conditions) they wore off and could not be played anymore. But then, we came back to Switzerland and bought the CD's. And now, we still listen to Julio.

A Lady's Life said...

Peter I love him
He is such a wooer lol