Sunday, July 12, 2009're it...!

Life involves both organic and inorganic chemistry. Teeth, shells, and bones are both organic and inorganic. The human body is 18% carbon. Graphite conducts electricity but a diamond doesn't.But it is strong, powerful and bright, a womans delight:)
Walking along a sea shore we find many little stones with shiny diamonds in them. They are not diamonds, probably quartz . You can't help but think that maybe, once upon a time ago, this stone in your hand could have been an animal or a relative ( since we are all related from Adam and Eve).And as you read further and discover, had you not picked up this stone, it would still be on its path to becoming a diamond as the world goes full circle.
Aspen Mortuary speeds up the process, to make "Life Gems" from deceased people.Six months of pressure gives you a yellow diamond and 9 months produces a blue toned one. Eight ounces of ash can make 10, one carat diamonds and the prices range from 3k - 20k.
Reading on it is interesting they can make a diamond film to use in silicon in computer chips or as surgical cutting instruments, from tequila.Using high pressure, can also turn oxygen and peanut butter, into a diamond.
Now if we ever come across a planet that shines like a diamond, we can guess how it got to be that way.
Closer to home, next time you breath air, eat peanut butter, drink tequila or pick up a stone on the sea shore, just remember, it's a diamond waiting to happen . lol
I can just see guys now, giving their fiancee a jar of peanut butter or a bottle of tequila, instead of a ring.


Anonymous said...

Good thing I don't have a fiancée. LOL. :)

BBE said...

After she has drunk the bottle of tequila, she will feel all drunk and have an attack of the munchies. Then she will prefer having a jar of peanut butter over having a diamond.