Monday, July 20, 2009

Rock Around the Clock Tonight


Anonymous said...

Going from the future with Lady Gaga to a blast from the it :)

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I needed that. I'm swamped with robberies and burglaries and getting ready for a meeting in the morning. Decided to check in w/my blog family and wow- who didn't love the Fonz? I love that bike, kind of looks like mine!

Love and hugs

A Lady's Life said...

Heck China That sucks.
When you see this you know the world needs God and you must see a lot of unhappiness.
Today I find many rob themselves to get insurance which sucks as well. Every good you try to do to help people, gets abused, so there is never enough to go around to help the ones who really need it.
Life was much better when kids were taught from day one that there is a power that sees all inside their soul and you know, it wouldn;t be far from a lie because you know who you are and what you do and if God is in you.....
its all self explanatory. lol
Have a good one.:)

A Lady's Life said...

Thom - Some music even I like.:) Like this one is ok by me I guess but some rap is bad and sends wrong messages to kids who use it as inspiration.

A Lady's Life said...

China - The bike is for my bike bloggers lol
I love motorcycles but they have to be automatic. Stop go and cruise control lol
Just kiddin. Its great to just go for a ride with your buds, stop for a nice drink on the beach or by some other watering hole to watch the sun set. Thats a great life.
Of course I'd get the same feeling with an RV lol

Vicky said...

I loved that show growing up! I wish they'd do reruns again, I haven't seen it in many hears although I am sure its on somewhere in some country!!

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Bill Haley n' the Comets, how can one go wrong. Happy Days one of the best shows from the 1970's, Liked how Marion asking Howard if he was Frisky keeping things innocent. We all knew what Howard and Marion were up to (Pardon the Pun).

Great Post.

PrinceBaro said...

always great to listen to these guys.

A Lady's Life said...

Vicky they should rerun them.This was a great series.
This was a good family and they took care of Fonze to make sure he was on the straight and narrow as well.

O.F. Guess this is why I always use frisky when I see the gleam in my hubby's eyes hahahaha.
Nothing like two old coots chasing each other around the table hahahahaha

Thanks Prince Baro. Those really were Happy Days :)

PrinceBaro said...

They were.
I quite enjoyed Ritchie Valens who Sang La Bamba. That was a great song and arose my interest for the spanish language. ay ariba ariba ;)

A Lady's Life said...

Oh that was a sad story with Ritchie Valens. I loved La Bamba as well :)

PrinceBaro said...

it was a terrible story. But he lives on through La Bamba!!
yo no soy marinero, soy captain
He was not a sailor, he was a captain :)

Fifi Flowers said...

Glad you like my daisy painting... however I'm confused... what line do you see through the vase... the fabric is drapery in front of the vase...

Robynn's Ravings said...

This reminds me of how much I love Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley. I thought they were from SUCH a long time ago! It was the 70's and I was watching the 50's. Now my kids think the 80's were so trippy. Well, uh, they were. But they DON'T seem that long ago!

Dr.John said...

I also loved the show. Thanks for bringing back memories.

A Lady's Life said...

I agree
I disagree that after 5 the childs' mind is strong enough because there is only so much one can absorb in one year.
Children should be allowed their childhood.
It takes years to build a mind and maturity. Pressure groups aren't helping today in schools.Some never reach maturity but are teaching something they don't understand themselves.
The more educated, are looked upon as crazy because many in society haven't reached the same intellect required to understand them.
God has divine knowledge which none of us possesses, when teaching our societies.We reject divine knowledge because we do not understand it.
It is much easier and more fun to be bad.Being good is hard. Try being good and see how many tears it brings into your heart. Goodness is rejected every day.

Where have I met God and can I get you to meet him? No. I can't. God is personal. Once you are blessed or touched by him, you will understand.
No one can show you God. He shows himself to you at the right time.:)
Religion is a calling. It's not meant for everyone.
You don't reject the 10 commandments because you understand how things relate to one another, once you understand God. It is much easier to deal with 10 commandments than all the man made laws which don't work.

How do you make a childs' mind strong? Is it through ethics morals and values? Do they exist today? Where do we get them from and the essence of right and wrong?Will people find happiness in an "everything is ok " society? I very much doubt it.
It's funny you mentioned country music. So did my son.I happen to love country.
If a person makes a conscious decision to commit suicide, that's one thing.If you are driving for three hours with irritating buzzing in your ear and you crash, that's quite another.Rap is nothing but foul mouthed buzzing to me, that goes on and on without
I may be older but I am not closed minded and if there is a good piece of rap out there, I could very well like it and say so.I feel young people would get more out of writing something everyone would like to listen to, including older people to help close the generation gap they are complaining about lol
Country doesn't buzz or use bad language. It just tells a story.
People get depressed listening to the news today. They are over worked and overtired.Comedy shows are not funny. You wonder why the people laugh on these shows?Reality shows are depressing.
We had the 3 Stooges,Jack Benny, Bob Hope,Red Skelton Wayne and Shuster, Lucie,heck even Archie Bunker and Jakie Gleason etc.. we still laugh at today, without bad words and they were never missed.
Today the whole show is an f word or a b word.Traditional families based on love, are replaced by sex families and then people wonder why they don't work.
If entertainment is so good today, why do these entertainers hide their own children from TV and videos?
Parents and grand parents in my time were proud to show us where they worked. My grandfather washed trains and he brought me to his place of work.. a railroad track.
He kept those trains as repaired spotless and shiny as he kept his own shoes.
Families worked together. Today you ask a child to do chores he spits at you that you are exploiting him/her. But I remember how many good memories we made and how close we were when families did things together.Working together teaches good things.
Today everything is thrown away.. shoes, clothes, toys, family, children, old people, God....
How are parents to teach anything to their kids today? Even that right is taken away today.
Todays' society is getting crueler and colder every day. Soon no one will be safe anywhere.First you desensitize words and then people.
When nothing is sacred anymore, everything is lawful.:)

Baron's Life said...

I loved the Fonz....thanks for the memories