Saturday, January 5, 2013

Numchucking Gun Control


I would not be lying when I say I hate guns with a passion.
Any kind of gun scares the heck out of me.
I don't like duck hunters, deer hunters, bear hunters...
even chickens have eyes that look at you and when you see raw
death staring at you, it is not something appealing.
You do lose sleep over it, if you are in a normal state of mind.

We have to eat,so we kill and this is the only reason why I say
people should have access to guns/rifles.
Man should be allowed to hunt to feed his family.
If I am in the woods and starving, I would kill to survive.
I would not like to think I broke a law which would put me in jail. The judge would go
by the law instead of by extenuating circumstances which forced me kill and then have to
 lie about it to stay out of jail.

The other reason I object to gun control is because it's more laws, meaning more trials,
meaning more money wasted and even then people will kill and people will still die.

If I had an inkling to kill, nothing and no one would stop me.
This is why I also supported abortions.
It's not because I agree with them but I know as well as anyone else. that if someone
makes a decision to have one, they will, so it's best to make it a safe procedure.

Gun controls will control the good people who need no controlling but the bad people will still
obtain a weapon or even build one for mass destruction.
Laws are only good if people obey them but but then they would need no laws
for good people to know not to shoot other people. lol
The bad guys don't care what the law says.
A judge should be able to pass judgement on a killer without laws saying you shouldn't kill.

I am a strong believer that right and wrong exist and that judges must seek justice and
not just rule by written law.
For every law you write, there is a wise guy, guilty as hell, who will find his way out of it.

If people are raised by good example, there would be no need
to have other laws.
People would understand not to do things which will result in something bad happening.
and if something bad does happen by mistake or accident, there would be enough love to understand
it for what it was.

You have to think, that no sane person would kill another so if a person does kill, it's because
something very bad is going around in his head and it shouldn't be there.
To help a person, society has to all be on the same page.

Drugs are a different problem.
Drugs affect judgement decisions. People doing them eventually cannot think and therefore
will always be a danger to themselves and others.
But as long as you raise people with all their faculties, they should know and more importantly
understand what is right and what is wrong and if they don't , they need to ask.
This is called living in a civilized society.

No one needs guns and least of all assault weapons.
If you know a person who has one, it would be good to work on him/her to make sure they understand to give it up but
more laws?????
I think we have more than enough of them already.



Russell said...

I agree with your thoughts. Very realistic.

As an attorney (though I rarely admit this in public or mixed company ... heh!) I have been involved in many trials. The judges I have worked with have most always been very excellent.

Two things often surprise people about court cases: (1) they are usually very boring and (2) judges and/or juries get it right most all the time.

I have been shocked - which I am not easily - more than once to read in a newspaper an account of a trial I was involved with and to read how the case was reported. I have even asked "was that the SAME trial I was at yesterday?!!"

What was written in the paper or reported on the TV news may have been correct, yes, but it was not complete and lead to an extremely distorted impression of what actually happened.

But I am digressing. I agree with your thoughts overall and appreciate you took the time to set them out. This topic of gun control is something all of us need to give serious thought to.

Take care.

PS I really enjoyed your earlier blog about your dog, Cheechen. Very special and reminded me a bit of my feelings towards my dog, Bailey.

A Lady's Life said...

Russell - I was thinking about the Sandy Hill case.
I was just wondering if this boy was taking ADHD pills like Adirol.
Kids take them to stay up at night to study and abuse leads to aggression. etc.. and irreversible brain damage.
I think drugs are a bigger problem here than guns. Guns don't kill People do and it is people usually who are not in control of their scruples.

Akelamalu said...

I am just glad that we have strict gun laws here in the UK, the thought of everyone being able to own a gun terrifies me. :(

A Lady's Life said...

Akelamalu - I agree .I hate guns.
They give me the willies.