Sunday, January 20, 2013

Amazing Scallop

People look at things in a different way.
Here we were, eating stuffed scallops.
They were delicious.
We never thought about the other treasures these shells held.

Thinking we could re use the shells, we washed them and this is what my husband found.

A cameo like portrait of a lady, inside one of them, along with the shoulders.

The other side held an even more intriguing picture of an
American Indian Chief in his head gear.

Now how can it be more perfect?

We  can  develop a story about where this scallop shell had come from?
Did it come from Aboriginal land??

What is it trying to tell us?
What is the cameo lady trying to tell us?

I have another shell which is even more dramatic but after it  dried. the face
seemed to disappear. If I want a shot of it. I have to soak it again in water
but this one does the job.

What makes it even funnier was that I was searching for a crochet or knitting pattern
to make a Thanks Giving turkey square for an afghan with fan shaped feathers.
Instead we found an Indian Chief with fan feathers.

Goes to show you find bounty, in the most unexpected places.

If anyone is interested, I did find one beautiful pattern using Red Heart Thread.


 Turkey Talk Throw  -  This throw is gorgeous!
Almost makes you want to have a go at it again.
I have a throw for Christmas I admire. It was fun making it.
It looks so rich on the bed.

You can't buy stuff like this.
 Now I need one for Thanks giving and this throw, with the right thread,
 could be fabulous and an heirloom to pass on.



Adam said...

I can see the native american-like image.

A Lady's Life said...

Adam - Cool isn't it?

Akelamalu said...

Whenever I go to the beach I can't stop myself collecting shells, they're so beautiful!

A Lady's Life said...

I think the same thing I always look for something special Akelamalu
But I think if you want the best you have to come around 5 am when the tide goes out. Whatever the waves bring in that's when you will find them.

George said...

That shell is truly amazing. It just shows what we can find if we just keep our eyes open.

A Lady's Life said...

George - and this was compliments of
our friendly grocery store too lol