Saturday, January 19, 2013

Basketball Lebron Style

LeBron James is one of my favorite basketball players.
I love the shoulders of these basketball players and they all seem to have the same kind, except for Steve Nash, who is tall,   6"3" , but looks like a shrimp between these guys. lol

Lebron is warming up- and saying "Pop the Molly and Sweat"  so I was singing it along with him and punch exercising with my son
when my son laughed and  explained what Lebron was saying and what I was enjoying with him.

Pop the Molly means to take MDMA  drugs (ecstasy in its pure form)  .
Now how would I know that? lol
A Molly to me, is a tank fish I used to raise. It's red and sometimes has a black tip on the tail.

This is a totally new world today. It reminds me of the day when we thought to go to a gay meeting was to go to a comedy meeting.
Well, I still enjoyed exercising with Lebron, even though I didn't know what he and  I was saying.
He looks like a little boy who needs a spanking lol Seems to me the video was doctored to make him do and say only one thing for effect.

All I can say to Lebron is,  that your children are watching their Dad warming up with drugs on his lips.
and so far, it had about  500 something thousand  hits.

Not bad. :)



Weekend-Windup said...

Yup, Its interesting...

Adam said...

I haven't kept up with basketball in years. I know most of the names, but now really the people. The NBA lost a piece of me when Micheal Jordan retired the first time.

Zuzana said...

Yes, it is funny when jargon changes and words mean completely different things.;)
Basketball is not that big in Europe, but I used to watch it a lot in the US.;)
have a great week ahead.;)

A Lady's Life said...

Adam - I watch everything now because my son loves sports and I can relate because I played as a kid too. Thats why its good schools do these kind of things in gym because the kids grow up and can relate to the professional teams.

A Lady's Life said...

Zuzana right now we are excited again about our hockey team the Cunucks. I think the extra time off gave them healing time There are still a few guys off due to surgery but once they come back, we'll be be super great. but ya words bother me. I like it when people were more conservative and polite It just makes so much more sense.

A Lady's Life said...

Wind up - yup sure is lol